Realist Demon King – 105



I heard the sound.

What had happened?

I turned to where the sounds had come from, and saw a hooded figure standing there.

Black hair was visible from under it.

Was this our merchant?

I turned to Eve, and she nodded.

Eve had met him, so she must be right. However, there was something else that caught my interest.

It was the weapon that he was holding. He had used it to defeat the archer, but it was most strange. It was a weapon that did not exist in this world.

It was black and in the shape of a cylinder.

Something told me that he was smiling under the shadow of his hood.

And then a boastful voice rang in the air.

“This is called a handgun.”

He explained.

A handgun?

Eve and Jeanne looked puzzled.

And so I told them what I knew.

“It is a kind of more portable, shortened gun.”

“And what is a gun?”

Jeanne asked.

“Think of it as a miniature cannon that is for one on one battles.”

“In other words, it is like Gottlieb’s cannons, only smaller?”

“Indeed. Now that I think about it, you did not have guns during your time, Jeanne.”

“It is the same in this world. I have never heard of such a thing.”

Said Eve.

“Yes. Well, we have gunpowder, so perhaps it can be made. However, something tells me that the gun wasn’t made, but brought over.”

“Brought? From where?”

“Another world, of course. Both the gun and his manner of speech give it away. He is a Hero from another world.”

Upon hearing this, Jeanne and Eve looked very surprised. But as for the Hero, he seemed quite calm.

“Oh, very good, Demon King Ashtaroth. I am indeed from another world. Well, that is only half true.”

He said in an oddly high-pitched voice.

He then laughed and tore off his hood.

The person I then saw was not the person I had been imagining.

I had been expecting the Bakumatsu hero, Sakamoto Ryoma.

However, the person that was in front of me was just the dark-haired elf from the lake.

She raised her handgun and spoke in a smug voice.

“It’s good to finally meet you, Demon King of Ashtaroth Castle. My name is Ryoma. Just Ryoma.”

“Not Sakamoto Ryoma?”

“Did you know a Sakamoto Ryoma who was a female elf?”

“Hardly. A handsome man, perhaps. But not a woman.”

“Of course. Unfortunately, I am not Sakamoto Ryoma. I am his daughter.”


–Now that was a big surprise.

I was surprised by many things after coming to this world. But perhaps her words had surprised me the most.

Are Heroes able to have children after they are summoned?

I asked Eve. She shook her head.

I do not know. It is not as if there is detailed data on such things. She said apologetically.

The dark haired elf who called herself Ryoma, looked at us with amusement.

“So even the strategist Demon King is surprised by my existence. Well, we can talk while having some of this.”

She said as she raised a leather bag from her belt.

It seemed to be filled with some kind of liquid.

It was likely alcohol.

So, she was a drinker.

Still, could this half elf really be the daughter of the Bakumatsu hero, Sakamoto Ryoma?

It was the most important question, but there was something else that I wondered about.

She was of mixed blood from two different worlds. What kind of drink did she like? What was in that leather bag?

Perhaps it was of no consequence. But I couldn’t help but be curious.

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