Realist Demon King – 90


“That’s why you want to become the Great Demon King?”


“What do you mean?”


“Your reason for doing all of this.”


“Ah, that. Perhaps it is. It was to protect myself at first. But not now. Now I have others to protect. People, subordinates, that maid who pours my tea. I want to drink her tea every day. There’s also a Saint who likes to eat a lot. I want to teach her how to read. There’s a drunkard that I want to talk with. And a dwarf ghost. One day, I’d like to drink with him. There’s also a strategist who hates fighting. I want to talk strategy with him.”


Those were my reasons.

I said. She smiled and then replied,


“Good! Very good! I wish there was a button I could press to show how much I like that. There are many Demon Kings in this world. But they all want to become the Great Demon King for personal reasons. And you are no different. It makes sense.”


Unite the lands to bring peace.

Fight to end fighting.

It seemed like a contradiction, but those who couldn’t protect their friends had no right to talk about peace.

The Goddess said.


“In any case, I’ve become fond of you. Well, I was from the beginning.”


“Thank you.”


–Was it a good thing? I wasn’t sure.


“I’m really not supposed to get too involved. But I want to see you go farther. That’s why I called you here.”


What did she mean?

I tried to ask, but my words didn’t reach her.

The Goddess that should have been by the white table and chair was now far away.

Or was it that I was moving away?

It seemed like I was about to wake up.

That what it felt like.

She must have noticed it too because she left me with some final words.


“You will soon fight a terrible battle against Jochi and Demon King Zagam. I won’t tell you the outcome of it, but at least you won’t bring disgrace to your reputation. However, you will be hit by an arrow during battle. And there is only one way to avoid it. I wish that I could tell you, but we are not allowed to get too involved. And so I will leave you with a hint. You will wake up soon. And then your adorable maid and the blonde Saint will come and visit you. They are the ones that will save you. Choose one of the presents that they give you, and…”


Her words cut off.

And then I awoke in the real world.

The sunlight was coming in through the window.

I could hear the cry of a sparrow.

It was a calm, clear morning of peace and quiet.


It was hard to think that we would begin to march on such a day. We would be leaving Ashtaroth castle in the evening.


I thought about this, memories of my dream began to fade.


By the time the dream had disappeared completely from my mind, I heard a knock on my door.

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