Cave King – 41

Chapter 41 – The secret of the facility!!


“Mappa! Hey, Mappa!!”


I started banging on the glass without thinking.


However, Mappa’s gaze seemed to two around in the opposite directions.


“If-if we don’t do something…”


Mappa will…he’ll drown.


But how did he get inside of there?

It didn’t seem like there was an entrance in any of the walls…hmm?


I noticed something different with the alchemist table.

One of the levers had been pulled down, and the door to one of the jar-like glass chambers was open.


Mappa must have gone inside of it.

And then he could have crawled through the pipe connecting the glass jar to the wine…


On closer inspection, Mappa’s throat was moving as if he were drinking something.


I see… Well, at least he wasn’t drowning.


Kamyu opened her mouth.


“Ah, Little Mappa. He was staring at the glass ever since he entered the room.”

“…In other words, Mappa went inside on his own?”

“Yes. And he started playing on that table after that… Well, now you know that it isn’t poisoned.”


Upon hearing these words, all of the surrounding monsters looked exasperated.

Oh, so he had just done it all on his own…


In any case, it seemed that the liquid did no immediate harm to your body…


But then Rienna said what I was thinking.


“Wait. Everyone! We still don’t know for sure that it’s safe!”

“Rienna is right. We should… Hmm?”


Mappa made a circle with his hands. It was like he was trying to tell us something.

It was probably an ‘okay’ sign.

No, judging by how blissful his expression was, maybe he was saying that it was delicious.


“See, Little Mappa says that it’s fine! Everyone! Let’s drin-…taste it!”


And with that, Kamyu and some of the monsters started to move towards the wine barrels.


At this point, Mappa’s head finally returned to the surface once. But then he went back in and continued to drink.


“Well, I guess it really is fine… But more importantly, doesn’t this mean that Mappa knows how to control that device?”


Baris nodded at my question.


“Yes. Perhaps this facility is something that Mappa is quite familiar with.”

“That would explain it. At a glance, it seems like a winery…”


But why would such a facility exist underground?


The shrine I had discovered before looked more like an ancient ruin.

But this place was very clean. Almost as if it had been used recently.

There was no mold or dust anywhere.


Perhaps those fallen dolls had been cleaning up until a short while ago…


“Still, it is strange. A storage or winery should not exist by itself.”


If wine was stored here, then there must be someone who needed it.

So, it was possible that someone lived nearby…


And as was evident by the great interest Kamyu and the goblins and kobolds were showing, wine was not just something that humans liked.

So there was no telling what was living down here.


But then again, the dolls had been left broken on the ground. So maybe it has been abandoned for now…


Then Rienna said,


“In other words, it’s possible that a house…no, a town lies somewhere close by.”

“Aye. However, there are no doors that lead anywhere else…”


Baris, Rienna and I started to search the room again.

But we could find no doors or holes. Not even a trace of a blocked off entrance.


As for Kamyu and the others, their ‘tasting’ seemed to involve drinking down a lot of the wine.

It was important to relax like this occasionally, but I told them to make sure that they left some for the others.


“…Hmmm. But how did they get in and out of here?”


I was out of ideas.

Maybe I should just ask Mappa…


But the bloated Mappa was still behind the glass.

He was floating at the top with a satisfied expression. It looked like he was taking a nap.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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