Cave King – 41


“Oh, well… I’ll ask him later. Baris, make sure that they all share the wine. And ask Mappa about the facility when you can. If this place can be used, then we should give it a try.”

“Of course. It looks like it can be used for storage. And perhaps we can make wine.”

“Yeah. And if we’re going to make wine, these grape seeds should be useful. I’ll give them to Rienna… Huh?”


I was about to tell Rienna to take them.


However, she was now in front of a different shelf.

Perhaps she had found something, because she then turned to me.


“Lord Heal! I found a stone!”


Her dark black hair swayed as she ran back to me. And in her hand, there was a pale, glimmering stone.


“Oh, you found something?”

“Yes! It’s this stone…”


She showed it to me. It was long and in the shape of a hexagon.

Unlike sapphires, it was almost white.


“I’ve never seen it before. Is it a precious stone? Let me take a look.”


I touched the pale stone.

And then ‘Cave King’ automatically put it into my Inventory.


And the Advisor analyzed it.


<<Teleportation Stone…Use it to instantly move between other Teleportation Stones. The distance that you can travel depends on the size of the stone.>>




I’ve never heard of such a thing.

It sounded similar to a carriage, only it was instant?


So…if I put one on the surface and one here, I would be able to go back and forth in an instant?


<<That is possible. However, as I mentioned already, the distance depends on the size of the stone.>>


I see… I didn’t understand how it worked, but it looked like we wouldn’t have to walk so much anymore.

However, this was pointless unless there was more than one…


For now, I explained the purpose of the stone to Rienna and Baris.

But they didn’t know what the word meant either. And it was difficult for them to imagine its effect.


Rienna nodded slowly and said,


“…In any case, it means that you can’t do anything with just one of them.”

“Exactly. However, this stone might be the reason that there is no entrance to this room.”


I suggested. Baris and Rienna looked puzzled.


I wasn’t too confident, but explained to them what I thought.


“If this stone is in this room, then there may be a different stone in another room… Then people can get in without an entrance.”


Baris nodded thoughtfully.


“Hmm… In other words, you can go through walls? That is quite hard to believe. But it would explain everything.”

“Well, I’ll look into it a little more. But for now, this stone…”


It wasn’t too useful to us right now.

Well, aside from the possibility of teleporting to some unknown place nearby.


But what if it was dangerous? What if it was crawling with Golems…

In any case, it would be foolish to use it without making preparations…


“I’ll hold onto it. I don’t want anyone to use it by accident.”

“That is wise. Well, I shall go and wake Mappa so that he can help find out more about this place.”


Baris said as he walked over to the glass in order to bang on it.

Rienna and I continued to search the place for a while after that.


But we did not find anything else of interest.

However, thanks to Baris’s investigation, it was discovered that you could make wine here.


Strictly speaking, Mappa did not really know much about this place.

He had just played around with the device and seemed to learn how to use it by accident.


Baris had been watching him restlessly, and later explained it to me…

According to him, you are able to put grapes in the glass container next to the device, and the liquid is extracted on the other side of the glass.

And the extracted liquid could then be sent to a different glass container… In any case, we decided to remove the stuff that had become Mappa’s bathwater. Apparently, he was going to take responsibility and drink it himself.


What was surprising, was that there was even a button you could press that cleaned the glass container with water. So of course, the container that Mappa was in was washed.


Furthermore, there was already quite a lot of wine in the storage, so the monsters who liked to drink would have plenty of it for quite a while.


Not only that, but if we started growing grapes on the island, we would be able to make more of it.

I didn’t drink yet myself, but Kamyu, Erevan and Ashton were very happy.


But while the island was filled with the smell of wine, a shadow approached Sheorl from the bottom of the sea.

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    • The author really likes cliffhangers,huh
      What isbthat cave…the backdoor of an ancient dwarf metropolis?

  1. Well, drinking wine that was used by a naked smith as a bath… not tasty sounding, not healthy, so better leave it all to the drunkard. Seriously, he went all fish in the wine mode, this Mappa. Funny still. Now then, a shadow at the bottom of the sea… sounds like the next meal 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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