Cave King – 118


“Since there are more people living on this island now. I think it is a matter of great importance.”

I nodded and told him he was right.

Aside from the people that Leila brought, there were now more Cave Spiders and Chimeras.

And since a lot of people were about to join us from the underground city, expanding our fields was something we had to do quickly.

Rienna turned to me.

“And so we will have to ask for your help in reclaiming more ground.”

“I see. I can help whenever you need. Just let me know when.”

“Thank you! By the way, Lord Heal. Seeing as you’ve returned…”

“Yes. The control device has been repaired, and the people who were sleeping underground have been awakened.”

“I see. That’s wonderful! Well, then. We must prepare a feast and celebrate!’

“Indeed. I’ll help too. However, there is one thing I want to do first.”

So saying, I took out the oddly shaped red stone and placed it on the round table.

Rienna and Baris looked at it with great interest.

Baris said,

“Hmm… It looks like an organ. The heart, to be exact.”

“So you think so too, Baris. It’s called a Cardiac Stone, and it’s apparently what happens when a Heart Stone is broken.”

“Hmm. So it is also a Golem core then.”

“Aye… While we were repairing the machine, we were attacked by a Golem that had this inside of it.”

“That means it could only control normal Golems, but not Golems with these Cardiac Stones.”

“Exactly. And so I want to give this stone a body once again, and try to talk to it. However, it’s also possible that it will attack us. If that happens, can you two stop it with magic?”

“Of course.”

Rienna and Baris nodded. And then I put the stone back into my Inventory.

And from there, I started to create the doll.

I decided to keep it simple, and make it out of Ryukin.

Who knows what it might do if I let it use magic.

After willing it, a golden doll appeared right in front of me.

And surprisingly, the humanoid Golem muttered, ‘huh?’

“Wasn’t I…destroyed…”

Clearly, this doll was different from the other ones made with Heart Stones.

Indeed, the doll made of Ryukin moved like a human, but it sounded as if it had past memories as well.

“So you can talk? I’m Heal. Who are you?”

I asked. And then the doll moved away as if suspicious.

“You. You’re that…!?”

“Wait. I don’t mean to fight you. However, I need to know why you attacked us.”

“I did it to protect the city! If that machine is repaired, they will awaken!”

“You’re talking about the humans?”

“No. We abandoned our orders and moved by our own will in order to protect the humans! It was all done to save them!”

The breaking of the Heart Stones. It had been the result of the Golems rejecting their orders and moving on their own.

To protect the humans… I see. As they humans were sleeping, no new orders could be given.

And it said ‘we’ which suggested there were others.

“I see. Do you know how to control the machine?”

“Control? What do you mean?”

“Hmm. So you don’t know. We had to fix that machine in order to wake up the humans.”

“Is…is that true?”

“Yes. But more importantly, what is going to wake up now that the machine is fixed?”

“The most fearsome king of the underground. He breathes fire and burns everything. And worse, he hates all humans.”

“Hates humans, huh… What does he look like?”

“I do not know. But those who have seen him say that he is fire itself.”

“I’d like to hear more about this… But first…”

I turned to Number 15 and Taran.

“Number 15. You must go and tell Shiel everything you heard here. Taran. Tell the Cave Spiders and Slimes in the city to escape to the surface.”

Number 15 and Taran immediately headed for the underground.

“Baris, go and call Erevan and the others. We must strengthen our defenses.”


Baris said as he went towards the bell, which would call the others.

“The underground king…huh…”

Apparently, we had a long way to go before the undergrounds were truly safe.

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  1. Oh. Well… I was thinking it’d take more time and be harder to awaken the people. That was a bit anticlimactic.

    So the golems with the Cardiac Stones are golems who went against orders in order to protect the humans. From the sounds of it, originally the golems had no orders when the catastrophe struck but some decided to protect the humans of their own accord which caused their Heart Stones to break and become Cardiac Stones.

    Anyways now that the machine to wake up the humans has been fixed it seems something else has also been unintentionally awaken because they don’t know how to use the machine completely. I guess this underground king was placed in suspended animation probably to imprison it and because Heal’s group can’t work the machine managing the suspended animation all that well they probably couldn’t isolate and exclude the underground king from also being awoken. Well I’m expecting it to be something unexpected like a kitty being its true form and Heal winding up taming it.

  2. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Fire itself? A fire spirit, perhaps? Or maybe a salamander monster?

    [“Yes. But more important, what is going to wake up now that the machine is fixed?”]
    * important —> importantly

  3. Make me remember the Plot of Tegen Toppa GurenLagan , The enemy of Humanity in the end was only trying to protect them from the true emeny.
    Thank you very much fot hte chapter.

  4. I think it wouldn’t be a dragon… since how come a dragon would be stopped by just disabling the mechanism? As it was depict as the Fire itself, I would think that this “thing” is the main power of the city, I’d say an AI able thing.

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