Makai Hongi – 137

Chapter 137

The army rested for the entire day.
After that, it was a long, ten day journey to the west.
I learned about it later, but that day of rest was spent buying food and supplies.

And so it was just us who had the entire day off.
I suppose it was because we were still seen as guests.

Even if we asked to help, we didn’t know how things were done, and would only get in their way and slow them down.

“If you’re told to rest, then you should do that. It’s an important job, in a way.”
“Huh? Did you say something, Golan?”
It was the Rock Lion, Dyle.

“So, are we to go to the main camp?”

“Yes. Three large armies are going to stick towards the east border. Then there will be another right behind, and then the main camp will be in the far back.”

In this country, the east side was in a dangerous situation. No one knew what would happen next.
Not only that, but Nehyor and his Wild Hunt were nowhere to be seen.

There were rumors that they were still in the area, but they always disappeared without a trace.

These soldiers on the frontlines were really there for Nehyor, and not the Lesser Demon Kings. And they wanted several layers of protection so that the main camp wouldn’t be in danger.

This all seemed to be ridiculously cautious to me. But then again, perhaps someone who was strong enough to antagonize Demon Kings was someone who had a decent fighting force. So maybe it was quite reasonable.

“So, you had the hearings, didn’t you? How was it?”
“Ah, it wasn’t bad. I rather enjoyed doing it.”

Corps Commander Dyle had heard my request and every day, he would call out a few people and talk to them.

The last time I had seen him, he had said, ‘the Ogres in Melvis’s country are very unusual.’

Apparently, listening to them speak had been quite a revelation to him.
And if this helped change his opinions of Ogres in general, it meant that all our training in the village had been worth it.

Aside from that, he had only ever heard rumors about Reapers, and so he was happy to learn more about them.

Dyle said that his image of Reapers had been of merciless, murderous fiends.
It was quite surprising to see how off base many of the rumors were.

Like this, he learned about the abilities of the different races and his perceptions of them changed. But not for all of them.

There were the Vampires.

“What the hell?” said Dyle.

While they had been quite confident during the first hearing, there was really nothing remarkable about them and their abilities at all.
He became quite worried about whether they had ever had any training at all.

When asked, he discovered that they had never actually experienced a battle. However, they insisted that they would ‘be amazing’ when they got the chance.
As there was such a discrepancy in what came out of their mouths and their ability, he decided to put it to the test.

The results were predictable.
He decided that they were completely useless.

As for the test fight, Corps Commander Dyle had taken them on himself.
Not only were Rock Lions very big, but they also had a lot of mana.

And Dyle was remarkable even among them. He stuck out quite a lot in his own army.
He loved to fight, but rarely met anyone who could put up a good fight.

It was as he thought this, that one after another, the Ogres began to challenge him.
I sighed with exasperation, but Dyle insisted that he ‘rather enjoyed it,’ which suggested that at least someone had done well.

In fact, Dyle became rather fond of Beka.
‘She dislocated my shoulder!’ he said with a boisterous laugh.

Beka had been so annoying to me that I had dislocated her joints hundreds of times.
And so she had learned how to do it herself.

With such tricks, you had to know how to get out of the lock, or even the high-ranking races would be susceptible.
And it was difficult to get out of it when it was your first time. And so Dyle had fallen victim to it.

He seemed to really take to us Ogres after that, and asked if I wouldn’t like to fight him as well.
But I wasn’t like Saifo and the others.

In the first place, Dyle wasn’t someone like Saifo and Beka, who I could casually beat into the ground. He wasn’t someone to fight during short breaks on the road.
And so I declined with a ‘I don’t hold back in fights,’ and he had a good laugh.

You’ll be big one day, Dyle declared. I had no idea what he was talking about.

That was how we spent our days, and then we finally arrived at the main camp where General Miralda was.

Almost immediately, I was told that the General had called for me.
As she had already headed east when we crossed the border, I had seen very little of her recently.

“Tell her that I’ll go at once.”

I told the messenger, and then I gathered my subordinates together.

“Alright, listen to me. This is not a place to casually challenge people to fights! Understand? Those who don’t understand will be taught nice and slow when I have time. Got that!?”

I grinned evilly, and they all nodded their heads rapidly.
It had been necessary to teach them a lesson several times on the road, as so they understood what I meant.

“Well, I’ll be gone for a moment. Don’t do anything foolish.”

I said one last time, and then headed towards the tent where General Miralda was waiting.

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  1. “…Don’t do anything foolish.”?
    Well now you’re just begging for them to do something foolish. Is Golan gonna come back to hear that Beka or Saifo beat the crap out of a Corps Commander or something?

  2. At least Golan got his Ogre and Reaper subordinates in order. As for the Vampires… well, they too will understand in due time.

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