Makai Hongi – 49


While they were tightly covered in armor, their four legs were bare.

You just needed to think of them like military horses. It would be difficult for them to walk if they had armor on their legs.

“But in spite of having such obvious weaknesses, meatheads won’t even target them.”

The spears had great reach, but they were nothing compared to thrown rocks.

And so the ogres started to aim for the Centaur legs as they threw.

The rocks flew at the speed of a professional pitcher.

When it came to carnivores, they could not catch their prey once they injured their legs.

Leg injuries were a matter of life and death.

If just one of four legs were broken, an armored Centaur was no longer a threat.

“Keep throwing! You just need to wound them!”

Some were thrusting their spears into the ground in order to stand.

The wounded Centaurs were not able to move or leave.

Their heavy armor probably had something to do with it. They had dressed like this in order to go against the strength of ogres, and yet it was working against them now.

“I’m leaving the rest to you guys. Half of you, follow me.”


Things were going well so far.

But as always, the enemy had plans too.

However, they would be brittle once we disrupted them.

They didn’t understand that sometimes they would be the ones who were attacked.

“Next…the Gargoyles. They were statue types, I think.”

Golems had gone through the miasma zone the other day, but there hadn’t been any Gargoyles with them.

You would think they would be fine, since they could fly. But apparently, they could not fly long distances.

It was more like building to building or from above to the ground. But they could not fly for several kilometers.

In the first place, these statue types were slow.

Which made them good targets for ogres.

But as they were specialized for defense, they could survive being hit a few times. But they would definitely go down after five hits.

“Annihilate them!”


I ordered the ogres that had followed me. In the meantime, I searched for the boss.

The Gigant Centaur had run away once, after we surrounded it.

He had not been prepared to fight, and if he died the moment that the battle began, then the whole army would be thrown into chaos.

That was the likely reason that he escaped.

In other words, he was now ready and waiting.



An arrow that was the size of a telephone pole was unleashed from somewhere and shot past me.

“…There you are.”

The Gigant Centaur, in shining armor of platinum.

The boss that I had let escape.


Another arrow screamed in the wind as it flew towards me.

Its aim was precise, and would have caught me in the stomach if I hadn’t moved.

“He’s still far.”

There was about two hundred meters between us.

At this distance, he would get a few more shots in before I could reach him on foot.

“That being said, blocking it with a shield would…”

I’d be blown into the air.

The Gigant Centaur nocked another arrow and glared at me.

It appeared that I had been chosen for extermination.

What an honor. This distance was bad.

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