Makai Hongi – 54


However, how did this affect the landscape of power?

First, it would be hard for Lesser Demon King Leninoth to spread his foot farther to the south.

And yet Lesser Demon King Fara continued to expand to the north. And so the gap between the two kings would only increase.

“Did Leninoth underestimate us?”

“No. Lesser Demon King Fara was able to keep them in check.”

Leninoth and Fara’s countries shared a border.

In order to interfere with Leninoth’s conquests, Fara had sent many soldiers to his borders.

Leninoth was unable to ignore this. And so he could not send enough men to the south.

“Leninoth’s borders are also shared with us and Kurulu, yes? Will he attack them next?”

“Lesser Demon King Kurulu has many powerful Generals in his army. They will be harder to take than our country.”

Leninoth would have then wanted to defeat us and increase his own strength first. Then he would take Rockus. And only then would he dare attack Kurulu or Lubanga.

However, he stumbled on his first step. How nice.

Still, Leninoth had attacked us twice and was defeated both times.

Surely he would hesitate to try again.

It’s not like he had an unlimited reserve of Corps Commanders and Commanders. He would gain nothing but debts.

On the other hand, as we had defeated this threat, our country should be left in peace for a while.

The other countries around us were still warring. So it was unlikely they could pay any attention to us.

And while our country shares borders with two countries ruled by Demon Kings, they would not bother with such a small country as ours.

Losing just once was a smear on your name.

No one wanted to take any risks.

“Mm. Alright. I might as well go then. It’ll be a triumphant return.”

After thinking about the situation in other countries, I felt that I wouldn’t need to fight for a long time.

I could relax and hide away in the village.

That’s what I had thought.

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