Two Saints – 84


“What? Didn’t you know that you could transform just your arms and legs?”

“Of course, I knew that.”

“It’s just the full-body version of that. Father, why didn’t you teach him?”

“Should I?”

“Of course? How can you not think so when you look at Dilon?”



Zynis tilted his head. He also stood up and became a dog with soft ash-colored hair that was standing on two legs.


“So you can do it! Then why didn’t you do that in the castle! We wouldn’t have had to separate!”

“Isn’t that normal?”

“You don’t even know?”

“Well, never mind. You try it.”



Dilon didn’t seem to like his father very much. However, there was no harm in trying. And so it was with a little excitement that he imagined himself standing on his two feet. When he stood up and opened his eyes, he saw that he was now in the same shape as his father.


“Hmm. So you can do it.”

“It was so easy… How could I have not done it for 100 years…”


Dilon said weakly. Zynis said,


“Regardless, we have to get changed. I feel like it doesn’t matter if we have fur or not.”

“Of course it matters. Damn it.”


This calmness was likely the reason that Zynis was chosen as a goodwill ambassador.


The human form was the first form. The second form was only a partial transformation. This was used mainly when they fought against monsters. And the third form was a complete beast.


The further you went, the more tiring it became. However, the third form was so enjoyable that it made it all worth it.


They now returned to their first form in order to talk.


“First, Kleo. How did the town look from the sky?”


Zynis asked the birdfolk.


“Well, I don’t know much about this town. And so I can’t say anything for certain. But there were too many soldiers.

“I see. According to Arthur, this is a place where the royals come when it’s too hot. So I don’t think it’s strange if there are a lot of soldiers. What made you decide that?”

“I would understand if they were just guarding the villa. However, there were many boats in the lake, and most of them were filled with soldiers.”


Zynis crossed his arms and nodded.


“I see. Yes, it does seem like something is happening. Very well, we will just check the area today. And tomorrow, we will put on disguises and enter the town. Ortha and Corete will be fine, I’m sure. But how long can you stay in different forms, Dilon?”

“Currently, I return to my first form during the night. And it takes several hours for me to transform again.”

“That’s fine for your age. I would like to go myself, but I can’t. After all, being 2 meters tall will mean I’ll attract too much attention.”


Zynis said with a look of disappointment.


“Alright, we’ll start scouting when the sun goes down. Kleo and Kaela, see as much as you can while there is still light.”


He ordered. The birdfolk rose into the air again and the dog people sat down on the ground. It was clear that they had a problem, but they were also excited.


“It’s too peaceful back in the castle.”


“No, nevermind.”


He felt bad for Arthur, but Zynis couldn’t help but be amused by all of this. And so the corner of his mouth rose slightly.

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  1. Okay, I get it why “high in the mountains” means “cool in summer”. I have experienced it myself.
    But why does in mean “warm in winter”? Is it some weird isekai physics?

    • The only way I can think it would stay warm in the winters is, if the mountains blocked the winter weather, making some sort of protected climate around the place. But maybe it is Isekai physics lol. I’m now further looking forward to the Saintesses visit to the beast lands, Mofu Everywhere!

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