Cave King – 134


Oren’s body was then surrounded by shadows, and he suddenly enlarged rapidly. This caused his bonds to be broken.

Nearby, Ashton and Haines must have sensed the danger, as they stepped back. I quickly cast Shield on all the residents.

What appeared then, was a giant, hairy humanoid. Its face was horribly hideous, and there were no traces of the beautiful youth.


Was this Necromancy, or some other magic? In any case, Oren’s body carried immense magic once again.


And like that, Oren’s fists swung down towards his father.

If something happened to him now, our relationship with Sanfaris would become incredibly complicated.

And so I cast Shield on our father.

“What!? …GRRAAAAGHH!?”

Oren let out another howl. But when his fists came down, they crumbled away like sand.

I wasn’t sure what father had done.

However, he had the ‘Supreme Ruler’ crest. This crest not only allowed you to strengthen your body and your magic, but it allowed you to strengthen those around you as well. It was a very powerful crest.

Was it that power? …No, he was barely even moving. And it seemed like he wasn’t using any magic. So it wasn’t magic.

I had believed that I had grown so much that I could not lose to him.

However, now I could see that even Elto was sweating as she watched him. And she had not feared me at all.

“How astonishing…I knew he was dangerous from the moment I saw him on this ship.”

“You noticed it, Elto?”

“Huh? I had assumed that you were aware of it, master. Didn’t I tell you that there was someone on the ship who was especially powerful?”

Yes, Elto had said something like that when the ship first arrived.

However, I thought she had just been talking about magic energy. And I later decided that it must have been Oren.

“So it wasn’t Oren’s magic…”

“I’m sorry, but I would not have used such a word to describe the likes of him… I see. So you are unable to detect his spirit. I suppose it’s because humans and monsters have lost it.”

“What do you mean, spirit? It’s not…energy?”

“It’s different from energy. It’s the power to overwhelm others. …In my age, there were less than ten people who had it. This man is only the second one I have seen with my own eyes. However, I did not expect such a person to be human.”

So, it wasn’t someone’s air, but an invisible power.

I had never learned about it at the palace…

However, there were legends of father defeating thousands of enemies by himself when he was younger.

Perhaps this had been possible because of this spirit.

“You should be careful…it can block not only weapons, but magic. No matter how powerful that magic is.”

As Elto muttered, Oren let out another howl and tried to kick father.


But the moment that his foot touched the king, it too crumbled away like sand.

“GAAAAAAGGHH!! The pain! It hurts!!”

After losing both arms and a leg, Oren let out a final howl before falling to the ground.

“…Master. Didn’t you want to keep this one alive?”

“He still hasn’t confessed to the crimes he committed in the capital.”

“Very well. He will die any moment now. And so I will make him my thrall and extend his life a little.”

“…Do it.”

I said, and Oren’s body was surrounded in darkness before vanishing.

Father seemed to be completely uninterested in this. Instead, he turned and walked towards me.

I went into a defensive stance and prepared to use magic. However, if what Elto said was true, it might not be effective.

If it came to it, I would try using a Sealing Stone… In any case, this was a dangerous opponent.

As different thoughts swirled in my head, he stopped in front of me.

“My child. Heal, the seventeenth prince… I hereby declare that you are to be my sole successor to the throne.”

That was what he said.

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  1. I already knew that that was Heal’s plan all along of declaring him as heir…to be inside the ship and making such an announcement this soon was definitely a surprise though.

    With how powerful he was portrayed here, I also don’t have to debate if such a decision was made after or before sending Heal to the island… it’s now obvious that he had a general idea of what would happen with Heal by sending him to such a rich place for a Cave King’s crest.

  2. Holy moly guacamol3!!!
    I loved how in a few lines the author described how OP is Sanfaris king in a convincing way,and even Elto is fearing him… And that supreme ruler king… Declared Heal his heir… Wise indeed. All this trip was a test for Heal!! Amazing
    Why Wise? First he observes himself the massive power Heal made in one year and finally test how good governant he was. Nice!!

    • I can’t describe that guy as ‘wise’. He allowed his child Oren to grow up to become that monster. Considering that Oren had an ultra powerful crest you can’t make an excuse like the Emperor had to pay attention to matters of state, anyone with that crest would of been of concern to the state and managing that existence should be fairly important. At best the Emperor is cleaver, and quite possibly ruthless. Scheming would be a better description.

      • I think that the king couldnt have done nothing about Oren due to him having that crest, if not for Heal he wouldnt have other choice that to make Oren his heir despite his horrible personality, and as someone said, this was also a test for Oren that he failed miserably.

  3. Yeah, showing up at this point only to declare Heal as the succesor, most likely meaning he would have to go back… Not cool, not cool at all. Also, making so many kids and not raising them properly, again not cool. I can’t like this king.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

    • Go to previous chapters everyone was expecting this and with this the story is pointless because there is not enemie or reason to read this

  4. I don’t like how this went. Having the king show up and name Heal as his successor like he’s actually a good guy doesn’t sit right with me. Not everything should be resolved in a peaceful way or be lighthearted and have a good/happy ending. Don’t try to make this king like he’s actually some good guy. What good father/king let’s so much bad shit happen to just one son and then sends an assassin and a psychopath to what is supposed to be a peaceful negotiation? Don’t try to tell us that he’s some wise person who just wanted to test Heal and that all of this was just tough love. There is no real justification for Heal’s treatment or letting people like Oren run free. To me it seemed more like the king is a ruthless schemer and was just setting up his children against each other and didn’t care if any died all as a test and he’d just name whichever kid passed as his successor. If the other sons died during this then oh well who cares.

    • Yeah I don’t think the King is a good guy. But I personally think he knew a bit about Heal’s crest and sent him to that island to see if he was right. The King might not be conspiring against Heal but testing his son like this is not something he should have done…..

  5. Pois é. Esse Rei apenas fez teste para ver quem poderia ser o próximo rei. e que o heal seria o mais digno de sucede-lo ao trono passando a sua crista para ele. já que o Elto disse antes as cristas eram passado que a pessoa não nascia com ela. Talvez ele não aceite e fique como rei da ilha. então eles fariam um acordo mutuo para um ajudar o outro.. e quanta a ser um bom pai ou rei. em algumas obra, o rei sempre é descrito como uma pessoa fria e distante dos filhos.. talvez tenha algum conflito com alguém muito poderoso que virá para atacar o reino e que o rei está tentando manter essa ameaça longe até encontrar alguém para passar a sua crista. e que ele está muito fraco e quase morrendo. já que ele viu que seus filhos são uns inúteis, preconceituosos, egoísta e narcisistas [ assim como os nobres do castelo]. ele viu que o heal era o único que era bom entre eles, mesmo passando por muita coisa, ele se manteve bom. então esse deve ter sido o jeito que o rei resolveu ver quem seria digno de ser o próximo rei.

    de quanto em quanto tempo é lançado os novos capítulos?

  6. nice finally
    I mean for me it felt like it was actually teased by the author right at the beginning of the story that he is a good guy and wants only the best for him
    first chapter 4th sentence:
    “Through divine revelation, it has been decided that the territory to be ruled by Prince Heal will be…heh…the Sheorl Reefs!” (High Priest)

    but assuming it was really some form of “divine revelation” like some kind of divination … shows the father did want him to succeed

  7. the truth is the king testing heal makes more sense than heal happened to be sent to the one island that was filled to the brim with magic stones including ones that could fix his low magic power. Also how do the magic stone increases work for other people because heal just uses inventory to use them. Do they have to eat them?

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