Jack of all Trades – 201

Speaking with the Guild Master


I woke up on our ninth morning in Yukka in a sleeping bag. My body felt incredibly heavy as I got up and sighed deeply. When I left the tent, I saw that the soldiers were packing their things.

It seemed that I had overslept.


“You’re up.”

“Good morning. Mister Saragi.”

“Aye. I’m glad to see you are looking better.”


I tried to help him as he gathered his things, but he refused.

He said they would have nothing to do if we went around doing their job. Well, I thought he might have had a point, so I went to the back of the tent to wash my face instead. It was times like these that I was very thankful to be able to use water magic.


When everything was finished, I got up behind Daniela on her horse, and we returned to Yukka. Upon arriving, we had the blood washed from our clothes and equipment and then spent the rest of the day resting.


The next day, we were called to the guild. A guild worker had called with a letter early in the morning. The letter read: Silvergreen Asagi Kamiyashiro, Lightwind Daniela Villesilf. Come to the guild at once.


It was a bit annoying, but it was probably about the Loup-garou. The guards must have finished their own reports. And so I woke Daniela and we prepared before leaving for the guild.


“Haahhh… I wanted to take things easy today.”

“You become slothful too quickly, Asagi. Perhaps you should accept a quest.”



We chatted as we entered the building. And then out of nowhere, a brazen-faced girl stepped in front of us. What was this? Was she going to tell me she didn’t like my scar?


“So you’re Asagi?”

“Hey, you little squirt. Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?”

“Eh? I happen to be older than you.”

“People usually sleep-talk while they’re napping.”


She was clearly a kid. This was the Adventurer’s Guild, not a school.


“No, Asagi. He is older than you.”

“He? What? Older?”


None of this information matched what my eyes were seeing.


“Miss Daniela. You can think of me as a girl.”

“That will be quite difficult.”

“Even so!”


The girl and Daniela carried out their mysterious conversation. Why wasn’t anyone explaining anything to me?


“Ah, Master!”


A guild worker called as they came towards us. Guild Master? I looked around, but there didn’t seem to be anyone around who looked the part.


“So you already found them. I was going to bring Mister Asagi and Miss Daniela to you.”
“Yes, I could not wait. But don’t worry about it.”

“I understand. Well, you should probably take them to the master room. There are too many people watching you here.”

“Ah, yes. Right. Sorry-sorry. Let’s go.”


Unless I was completely wrong, the guild worker was calling the little girl the Guild Master. Miss Nanaya had said that the Guild Master was a ‘boy,’ which is what Daniela had claimed the girl in front of us was. Putting all of this information together, the only explanation was that the guild master was a crossdresser.


“I see. I see.”

“What do you see, Asagi?”

“Things have clicked in place.”

“Hmm. Indeed. Well, let us follow the Guild Master then.”



Still, what was this about the Guild Master being older than me? I looked at his hair. It was pink. Perhaps he was an elf? And in spite of appearances, he was older than me? Fine. Fine.

I wouldn’t be shocked by anything now.


“Allow me to introduce myself properly. I am the Guild Master of Yukka’s Adventurer’s Guild. The pink elf, ‘Flamethunder’ Kiralika Rozsilf.”


I knew it.


“And I am Silvergreen Asagi Kamiyashiro. It is nice to meet you.”

“Lightwind Daniela Villesilf.”

“Hmm, so formal.”


You started it!


“Well, whatever. I called you today because of this business with the Loup-garou. Good job, by the way. That thing has been a nuisance for quite some time. Thanks!”


Very casual all of a sudden. 


“I had just gone out to get a look at it. It was really just by chance that I ended up killing the thing. So, uh, you don’t have to thank me so much.”

“Why don’t you relax, Asagi?”

“I’m sorry, I tend to be respectful to my elders.”


Daniela looked at me as if she couldn’t believe her eyes.


“I see. Well, enough about that. As long as you did kill it, I will have to reward you. Here, take this.”


Kiralika pulled out a heavy-looking leather purse out from under a table. Two of them.


“Can I see inside?”

“Go ahead.”


And so Daniela and I inspected the bags.


Ahh. Not that I had expected any different, but it was full of gold coins…


“I can’t accept this much.”

“Take it. Displays of gratitude should always be accepted, don’t you agree, young lady?”


“What an annoying little boy…”

“I can hear you.”

“Oh, excuse me. But, still…”


I would prefer it if the money was given to families of the victims instead.


“Ah, don’t worry about that. Those who died were wandering Adventurers with little sense. I did not allow any of our own guards to go after it.”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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