Tensei Kenja – 78

There Was No More Firewood


But they probably wouldn’t believe me if I said that.

So I thought I would tell them a different reason.


“You’ll know when you try it out. And it’s not as if you are going to leave the window open. If it is just temporary ventilation, then the room should return to normal temperature quickly. …And surely that’s better than dropping dead all of a sudden?”


It was true.

If the walls of the house were heated, then the room shouldn’t take too long to warm up again after being ventilated.

Well, it didn’t change the fact that there wasn’t enough firewood. But I intended to bring a lot of it to the guild later.


At first, there was no reason for me to go to these lengths for this town… But now I had a reason to protect it.

It was because they made some very good food.

And that’s all the reason I needed.


…In any case, it looked like I should hurry up and prepare some proper firewood.

Both to stop these carbon monoxide poisonings and for better firewood for cooking.


“That’s right, I was in the middle of accepting a quest. Since things seem to be settled here, can I return to the guild?”


“O-of course! Thank you so much!”


And so I returned to the guild.


“Thank you so much for treating them so quickly…! …By the way, what magic did you use?”


The receptionist asked me on the way back to the guild.

I was pretty sure it was just ordinary magic.


But I didn’t know what kind of healing magic was considered normal. But it seemed like the most basic one, considering the name.


“I used ‘High Heal’ and ‘Cure Poison.’ …Is that not the usual way you would treat people?”


“I have never heard of either of those spells…”


She didn’t know either of them…?

All of my magic was from books that looked horribly old… Maybe it was because of their age that I didn’t have any spells that were well-known.

‘Hellfire of Death’ was very powerful but hard to control. And so it was not something you would want to use often.


Surely the world must be filled with a lot more convenient magic now.

Something like ‘Cure Poison’ was just confusing. Since you had to be able to tell if they were poisoned or just ill.

So if there was magic that healed all ailments and also recovered your energy, then something like Cure Poison would become obsolete.


“I have heard of ‘Middle Heal.’ Perhaps you mean that?”

“I think it might be a more advanced version of that.”


“Something above Middle Heal!? And you can use it!? But hardly anyone can use Middle Heal…”


…Is that right?

Those books must have been amazing then.


Maybe I should return to the building and sell those books. I could make a fortune.

But then again, while it was a ruin, they might still be owned by someone. I couldn’t just sell them without permission.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. World: A town is in danger
    MC: Eh, maybe try to spread the news? Or send a couple gold coins?

    World: They have tasty food.

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