Jack of all Trades – 201


I still wasn’t sure.


“Well, we can never have too much money. We should take it.”

“…If you insist, Daniela.”


I guess we’d take it then. Though, to be honest, I was strongly considering donating it to some orphanage.


“So, would you mind filling me in on the details? Why was the corpse cut up like that?”

“Ah… Well, it jumped at me like this, and I cut it with an ice sword and two other swords. And then it fell and split into several pieces.”

“I have no idea what you are saying.”


Bloody hell!


“Why don’t you make this sword right now?”

“Uh, sorry. I have to have my ice dragon armor on.”


That sword, ‘Niflheim’ required the ice magic boost from the ice dragon armor. Otherwise, it would become a normal ‘Frost Sword.’ It was possible I would be able to do it without the armor if my INT went up, but that wouldn’t happen for a while.


“I see. That’s too bad. Well, I’m sure you weren’t lying.”


“Thank you. In any case, I wanted to hear it from the man himself. So, did the Loup-Garou give you that?”


I instinctively touched the scar around my left eye.


“Yes, it’s less visible now.”


Perhaps the potions had continued to work, but the scar had become much lighter. But it was still there. Though, it was more on my cheek than my eye.


“Well, at least you never had a pretty face to ruin. You might even call it an upgrade?”

“I guess.”


“Ignore the kid. He’s not what he appears to be.”

“I can hear you?”

“Oh, sorry. You’re very cute.”



The stupid conversation ended there. And the subject moved to the fact that he was a pink elf.


Kiralika was from a family of noble elves. But that lifestyle was not to his liking, and so he ran away from home to become an Adventurer. He would be one-hundred and twenty-one this year. Daniela had pried this information from him. That was twelve in human years.


“To me, you’re a very old man.”

“A human would say that. A human. We don’t live on the same scale as you.”

“That is true, Asagi. Let us not speak about it.”

“Says the elf who is three-hundred.”

“I just said that we should not speak about it!”


Well, teasing elves about their age is a popular pastime!

Still, everything should be done in moderation. Besides, she seemed to care a lot…


“So, I suppose there are not many Adventurers who can kill a Loup-garou?”

“Hmm… This one was very fast. Wasn’t it about as fast as you?”

“You know then. Well, yeah. It was even faster once it transformed.”

“It is no wonder no one was able to beat it. Speed is everything. No matter how much damage you are capable of dealing, it won’t matter if you can’t make contact. And it will find an opening no matter how strong your defense is. You should take notes from that.”

“I’ll…consider it.”


I had only stepped foot into the world of such incredible speed. I couldn’t use it properly yet. But it was ideal.


“Besides, all of the strong Adventurers are in the imperial capital during this season.”


Kiralika muttered as he reclined into his chair.


“Is something happening in the capital?”

“Oh, you don’t know? Next month is the Imperial Sword Tournament.”

“A tournament?”


I glanced over to Daniela, but she seemed like she hadn’t heard of it.


“Huh, I thought you would have known of it, Miss Daniela.”

“No, I do not.”

“Really? What the hell do you live so long for?”



I could tell she was furious, but I pretended not to.


“So, what king of a tournament is this?”

“Well, to be honest. It’s just a normal tournament. The strongest warriors throughout the land gather to determine who is the best.”


Well, I suppose I could have predicted as much. 


“And it’s next month?”

“Yes. Are you going to enlist?”

“Uh, I haven’t even considered…”


I looked at Daniela. Huh. She clearly wanted to.


“If you want, I could write you a letter of recommendation? Just drop by before you leave Yukka.”

“We might just do that.”

“Yes, yes.”


And like that, the meeting ended. Daniela and I walked down the hallway and to the entrance.


“A tournament… I wonder if there is a prize.”

“Imperial Sword. That does sound familiar.”


Daniela folded her arms and looked at the ceiling as if she were searching for something.


“I think it was a treasured sword passed down in the empire…”

“Surely that wouldn’t be the prize? It’s a treasure, right?”


Haha. There was no way.


“Yes. You will be bestowed the sword and made Emperor Asagi.”

“That’s a chilling thought. We’re Adventurers.”

“Haha. You sound like you think you can actually win.”


Daniela laughed as if this were the silliest thought. Well, you never know.


Imperial Sword Tournament…huh? I couldn’t say I wasn’t interested.

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  1. A tournament arc eh? I wonder if it is a sword only tournament or are all weapons allowed?

    Thanks for the chapter!

    • Im not too excited about a tournament arc. Maybe it’s time to stop reading Japanese lns, in getting sick of the cliches.

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