Jack of all Trades – 112


Alright. So if I was fighting while using water magic with a medium, and my opponent used lightning magic in an attempt to override it. When the attempt is successful, and the water molecules are integrated by the lightning magic, it will no longer be actual lightning magic.


“The water attribute mana from the medium will be taken, and the mana integrated into the lightning magic. The result; their magic will be enhanced. The water that was from the medium will be thrown to the side, and then Asagi dies.”

“Why are you killing me! Damn it…well, I think I get how it works for the most part. The only thing I still don’t get is the spirits.”


I leaned back into the bench and pretended like I could see the spirits dancing in the sky with the wind.

“So, what is the relationship between the spirits and magic?”

“Ah, spirits are capable of boosting your magic.”

“Are you serious!”

“They can boost it, but if your magic is depleted, then you will enter a state of hibernation, and be returned to the dragon vein. So it is not something to abuse.”


These spirits were impressive… So, was Daniela’s wind magic enhanced by the spirits?


“I only recently discovered this, but my wind magic proficiency is a 10. I believe that is the maximum level, but the spirits can help you reach one level higher.”



That’s basically a cheat…


“Well, it will cost you its value in magic, and furthermore, it is not something that I can visualize. The strongest wind magic. Do you know what it is?”

“Hmm…wind, eh? Something scary that involves wind would be a tornado. And nothing trumps a natural disaster.”

“I could create a tornado if I felt like it.”



That is a cheat…


“See? You cannot think of something that exceeds a tornado, can you?”

“I guess… Seems like a waste of a gift, if only your imagination is stopping you…”


Having a flexible imagination was important in using magic. Legs of the Forest Wolf wasn’t just a means to travel fast, you could create a whirlwind by jumping. Who knows what I would be able to do if I harnessed my ability to visualize.


“Phew… That is about all, I think. I believe I told you everything I know.”

“Thanks. With the basics down, this jack of all trades and master of none will make a great magician of himself!”

“Do not hurt yourself. There are countless stories of magic going out of control, and whole towns disappearing.”



That afternoon, I decided in my heart that magic should be used while following the instructions.


□   □   □   □


After that, I practiced visualizing with Daniela. Most of the time was spent with me saying, ‘wait, is this the strongest?’ concerning uses for magic, and Daniela shooting me down, but it was very stimulating.


My current methods for fighting were the magic recorded on my status and swords. In combination with my AGI, the question was just how far I could take my own power. With repeated combat, repeated reflection, and lots of training, I wanted to take my unique skill one rank above. Master of none, master of none. It didn’t seem too impressive, but it was just a matter of how I used it. I wanted to believe that I could manage it in a good way.


And so the next morning, we returned to the guild. Daniela looked tired, but I was pumped. I was anxious to try the new techniques I had fantasized about before going to bed.


The front of the guild was filled with hot-blooded Adventurers. But none of them bothered us. This was a civilized place.


“Ho, if it isn’t Asagi.”

“Hm? Ah, Gardo. Morning.”



As tired as she was, Daniela was at least able to greet people, which was a relief. Gardo raised a hand and casually walked up towards us. Hmm, Ness wasn’t with him.


“Ah, he’s still sleeping…”

“He is? That’s too bad…”

“I wish I could sleep as well…”


You’ve slept enough. As I glared at her, she turned away, stifling a yawn. She had some nerve…


“No domestic quarrels in front of me, now. Look, the guild is about to open.”

“You hear that, Daniela? Let’s go.”

“I want to return to the inn… My bed is calling to me.”

“The quests are calling to you. Let’s go.”


Daniela continued to mumble as I pulled her towards the door with Gardo. We lined up with the others and charged into the door that opened with the rising of the sun. We were headed for the quest board. I wanted a hunting quest. We pushed and shoved our way forward.

It was just another morning in Replant.

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Stronger than a tornado? Maybe compressing air until it can’t be compressed anymore and then release it.

  2. Hurricanes are certainly stronger than tornados, and can spawn them.

    Topping a hurricane…. well, there is that eye of Jupiter or Saturn (I forget which) that is a storm several times as large as earth and going for centuries.

    • We are not looking into enhancing existing magic, because that can be done if you have enough mana, but a new phenomenon stronger than swirling wind.

      • Hmm, well if you could compress it enough it might not be as devastating as a hurricane but it might become a hell of a lot more lethal and lower the mana consumption. Just like how a tsunami could crush a city but a waterjet could slice you in half like a hot knife through butter.

  3. I’ll sincerely pray for his enemies if he comes up with the idea of a waterjet spell, a normal shield isn’t going to do Jack against that.

  4. Why not just go in the opposite direction and create a vacuum? Pretty hard to be an opponent if the enemy can’t breath and starts to rupture from the inside out.

  5. Well I’m glad they finally explained magic a bit better seems a little weird they wanted this late we’re over 100 chapters in and the MC ice magic is at level 8 out of a possible 10. Still though there are some things I’m wondering we know magic unique skills exist but are there people that have one that don’t have affinity for that element. Also I’m wondering about magic gear are there rings that will let you shoot fire or lightning or maybe gauntlet that has is made from magic ore and has magic stones on the knuckles that could give off an element blast.

  6. How about splitting the atoms in the air to form compressed pure oxygen in a confined space then ignite with a small spark and boom.

    Or create pure Nitrogen form air to make Nilfheim like Miyuki from Mahouka

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