Realist Demon King – 4


RARITY: Bronze Rare ★

Race: Undead, Skeleton Warrior

Job: Warrior

Fighting Power: 82

Skill: Regeneration


Bleached white bones came out of the pot.

They rattled and combined to form the shape of a human.

When carrying a sword and shield, they looked like impressive warriors.

A Skeleton Warrior.


Their fighting power was lower than even my secretary, Eve, but their numbers made up for it. There were 30 in all. I wasn’t sure how I should calculate it yet, but in the simplest of terms, 82 x 30 equaled a total of 2460 fighting power.


I knew that they would serve me well, but they could not talk.






Having 30 skeletons stare at you at once could become awkward, and so I decided to give my first order. 10 would be stationed in the Demon Castle. 10 would be sent to the Castle Town to stand guard. The other 10 would stay with me.


I would use them as a task force for gathering materials and invasions.

Still, 10 was a lonely number. It was not enough.

I would have to summon more monsters.

I thought.

I tossed the Ash Tree and Leaves of the World Tree into the pot.

This time, I did not think of anything.

I could not imagine what could come from wood and leaves.

But I did want soldiers.

And soldiers was what I got.


Rarity: Silver Rare ★★

Race: Wood Golem

Job: Golem Warrior

Fighting Power: 322

Skill: None


An especially large cloud of smoke rose from the pot and filled the room.

When the smoke disappeared, there were 3 huge Wood Golems standing there.


They could not talk either, so there were no ‘nice to meet you’s,’ but they did follow my orders.


“This is wonderful. To make such strong golems, very good, my master.”


Eve praised with abandon.


“I now have my soldiers. Next, I must gather materials. And as a realist, I will use crafty methods to do it.”


“That is a splendid idea.”


Eve bowed. Her white headdress lowered.


She looked quite cute in that maid outfit.

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  1. Nice, another chapter.
    Although they are short.
    How often are you going to upload new chapters? Or is your translating schedule for the novel random like other translators on the web?

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