Realist Demon King – 3


“Well, there it is. Now that you have a name, let’s get to work.”




Eve bowed reverently.


“The first thing I would like to know is your abilities. What can you do, Eve?”


“I am a secretary. I may not be the best suited for combat, but I am second to none in terms of knowledge.”


“A walking database perhaps?”


“A serving database, if you please. Aside from my knowledge, I am confident in my abilities as a maid.”


“So you can take care of the household affairs. That will be useful here. However, your knowledge is more important now. Hmm, you did say that you were ill-equipped for combat, but is it possible for me to summon monsters from the pot that are well suited?”


“It is possible. If you have the ingredients and magic.”


“Well, we should do that then.”


“I would advise you to. This castle is understaffed.”


“There was a category called ‘Rarity.’ The Goddess was very excited when she saw yours.”


The Goddess herself replied to this.


“Oh, that. Each summoned monster is rated by how rare they are.

Starting at the top:


Bronze Rare ☆

Silver Rare ☆☆

Gold Rare ☆☆☆

Mithril Rare ☆☆☆☆

Legend Rare ☆☆☆☆☆


“That’s how it is.”


“That is amazing. Eve is the highest rank.”


“Yes, yes. Even a Goddess will get excited if they create a Legend Rare.”


“I see. I understand now. Summoned monsters have levels of rarity. And the rarer ones are stronger.”




The Goddess said with a smile.


“It is very impressive for you to get a Legend on your first try. You really were born to be the hero.”


“I think that should be ‘villain.’ I am a Demon King after all.”


“That’s true. Then become the best villain.”


The Goddess chuckled and finally said:


“Well, I better be off now. You can hear the rest from that secretary over there. And do your best to expand this castle.”


“I am reluctant to see you leave, but I will do that. That being said, will we never meet again?”


“Oh, of course not. I’m sure we’ll meet after every milestone.”


“I understand. Well, goodbye for now then.”


“Hm? What is with the hand?”


“This is a greeting from my old world. A handshake. I don’t know if it is common here.”


“Oh, a handshake. They do that here too. But not in the realm of gods.”


Still, she accepted my hand. It was a soft, feminine hand.


“Goodbye then. I have faith that you will become the Great Demon King.”


“I will try.”


She said ‘bye-bye’ as space began to distort, and she vanished.


A Goddess who had suddenly appeared and just as suddenly vanished.


It seemed very like her to come and go like that. She said that we would meet again, and I did not feel the least bit sad to see her leave.


Now that she was gone, I looked towards the maid again.


“Alright, let’s start strategizing. I saw that aside from your knowledge, you also had skills for military strategy and politics.”


“Why of course, master. You have a very discerning eye.”


She smiled in agreement, but then added that there was one thing that needed to be done before we began.


She needed to serve her master a cup of tea.

The self-respecting maid in her could not allow a meeting to begin without tea.


This was very annoying, but I allowed it. As I did want to see what the tea in this world tasted like.

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    • Thanks for the chapter, this novel has potential but the gacha system can be a double edge in the future if the author don’t came with a good way to make mc enemies stronger without using gacha system as excuse

  1. oh i hope the mc isn’t a dense protag there are WAY too many of those and and too many of them are done badly and far too few of them done right

  2. So she insist on tea first?

    Gacha for monsters? The author should decide if he wants a serious “realist” 😂 MC or a parody.

    Thanks for chapter

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