Realist Demon King – 9

A Cup of Tea for After the Battle

After some time—


I unleashed my magic assaults until I was emptied, and so signaled our retreat.


Of course, by now the skeleton soldiers were all but annihilated, and there was only one wood golem still standing.


But then that golem took a ballista bolt for me and was destroyed.


These were uncomplaining magical beasts, but I still appreciated their loyalty until the end.


And so I would have to safely escape this castle in order to reward their efforts.


Taking the materials with us and building a stronger castle would be better than any offering of flowers.


I crushed the kobold soldiers as I left Sabnac’s castle behind me.

Fortunately, they did not give chase.


Part of it was likely due to the fear I implanted in them with all of the destruction we caused, but it had also been too surprising an attack, and they had never really had a chance to settle from their chaos.


And their lord was not there. Demon King Sabnac was on a little expedition.

They would not have been allowed to pursue us without his orders.

Of course, I had expected as much and was glad to see that it was the case.

It felt good to see things go according to plan.


And so our attack of Sabnac’s castle was a success.

I reunited with Eve and the orcs in the forest, and then we returned to the castle.


On the way back, we heard a report from my spies–the slimes, that Sabnac was on his way back. I wondered what he would look like when he realized what had happened.


It was too bad that I would not be able to see his face. But I am sure he would be making an appearance soon.

And so I would need to make preparations to greet him.

We gathered the materials that the orcs carried into the storage house.


I realized then, that there were three orcs missing, and so I asked Eve about this.


“Yes, three of the orcs attempted to steal the treasures and materials. And so I had them executed, according to martial law.”


I see… She was certainly one for harsh discipline.

The other orcs were shaking.

If I entrusted the soldiers to her, we could end up with a very orderly army.

I thought about such things as she continued.


“With this much materials, we can expand the castle and strengthen your forces.”


“Indeed. But which should I start with…”


I put a hand to my chin and think.

Sabnac may attack as early as tomorrow.


If that were the case, it would be essential to raise the castle’s defenses. I should start by building a castle wall.


realist demon king

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    • The core will be placed in the highest defense. Trying to destroy that while covering the golem and skeleton soldiers at the heart of the castle in a war of attrition is foolish is what i think.

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