Realist Demon King – 11

The Man who was called the Demon Vice-Commander

I put the sword into the Klein bottle.

This time, there was something very different about the way it flashed. And it was the same with the magic that surrounded the pot.


There was usually an ominous, monstrous aura there, but this time it was much more divine.


Perhaps this was a feature of Spirit Summoning.

It allowed you to summon those who were Heroes or called Gods in other worlds.

It needed a little flare.

And then I thought of something.


“The rarity of the monsters are displayed when you summon them. But what about Spirit Summoning?”


Eve answered.


“Monsters are rated with five stars by rarity. But Heroes reside in an exclusive six-star rank. Also called God Rare.”


“I see. It really is like summoning a god then.”


“The statuses of summoned Heroes are not displayed. And so you will not know how strong they are until you put them on the battlefield.”


“And you say that they have a will?”

“They do.”


“Then I will use this one as a commander. My army has grown in scale after all. I was just thinking about how I could use a commander.”


“But, as I just said, it is not as if these Heroes will be completely devoted to…”


“And as I just said, I would not be much of a Demon King if I couldn’t use that.”




Eve went silent for a moment and bowed.


“I understand. I will say no more on the matter. But if this Hero attempts to go against you, I will destroy him, even if it costs me my life.”


She said as she unsheathed her shortsword.


“I commend your spirit. But I will be careful so that will not be necessary. Ah, here comes our Hero now. It seems that the summoning was a success.”


The Klein bottle was shining brighter than before now.

Thick, white smoke filled the room, and a human figure appeared from within.

I could tell from the silhouette that this was a man, but his hair was long.

He was slender but exuded a strange power.

Strength and also madness oozed out from the smoke.


I took one look at him after the smoke lifted and knew. This one was obsessed with battling.

The person who now looked back at me was a man with a reticent expression.

He was handsome but looked unfriendly.

My first impression was that he was quick to anger, but would never let his guard down.


I had said it before to Eve, but first impressions would be important here.

It would be best to say something before he was able to detect that I was nervous.

And so I spoke to him. As the Demon King Ashtaroth.

It was not hard to create a self-important and dignified air.


“…I am the Demon King Ashtaroth. Nameless samurai, I am the one who summoned you. First, I will ask what your name is. Then you will serve me. Together, we will conquer all that is under heaven.”


The man glared at me with assessing eyes, and his mouth opened slowly.


“…My name is Toshizou… Hijikata Toshizou. I should have died at the battle of Toba Fushimi. But for some reason, I lived to reach Hakodate.”


“Lend me your power if death means nothing to you.”


“I was supposed to have died at Goryokaku in Hakodate. So why am I here?”


“The will of heaven. You were brought here. This is your God-given destiny. You will become my sword.”


“The will of heaven. Brought here. How very amusing. Just like Kondo. Very well, if you will prepare a place for me to die, I will help you willingly.”


realist demon king

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