Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 28

Carried out, and then…

It was difficult to drink alcohol without feeling uneasy about being a child, and others would worry about you.


If this disguise was only a means to escape from the castle, to begin with, then shouldn’t they return to being adults? This was Plan B, also known as ‘The Plan to Disguise Ourselves as Normal Human Women.’


Kaider had not contacted them for two days. His job was probably keeping him busy. Maki and Chiharu had caused them enough delays as it was. And so they had felt a little guilty and were relieved that he had not tried to contact them yet.


“He doesn’t have time to worry about two strange children.”



Maki said, as if to convince herself. She was also just a little bit sad.


But it was not all bad, and the two of them had decided to leave their inn and move to a new one. It was the White Lily Inn. They didn’t know if the name had anything to do with it, but there seemed to be many sophisticated-looking dwarf women staying there. And so they knew that it would be safe for them.


First, they changed into the women’s clothes they used to wear in the castle, then put on a robe over that and left the inn. And after making sure that their hair was covering their foreheads, went into a lady’s clothes shop. This is where Chiharu came took the lead.


“I wanted to order some dwarf clothes since we came all the way to this capital. But we don’t have enough time. You wouldn’t happen to have anything I could wear right now, would you?”

“You are small for a human, so I think that we should have something. But your older sister is bigger than most dwarven men… Oh, I know. We can do something like the Midland clothes you are wearing now, and just layer these. The two of you are too narro-, I mean, you two are slender, but this should work well for you, even if it is a little short.”

“That’s nice. Can we try a few on?”


Indeed, dwarven women were voluptuous and had very pretty physiques. The two women acted like typical young tourists who were excited at being in the dwarf country. But what was wrong with that? And so they both bought two pairs.


“We don’t want to be recognized when we go out. Do you have any wigs?”

“Yes, we do!”


And so they bought wigs as well.


“After all, dwarves are known for having red hair. Our eyes are brown. We cannot change our eye color, but it is not the same for our hair. Wigs are very popular among dwarven women.”


How convenient. Still, blond hair was apparently deemed excessive, and most of the wigs here were brown.


The clerk said passionately:


“This bright chestnut hair will suit you. It will go perfectly with your dark eyes. Oh, are they actually black?”

“No, look more clearly. Our eyes are reddish brown. You know, they say that the Saintesses who recently arrived have black eyes. I wouldn’t dream of saying mine was the same.”

“I understand that completely. But I am so glad that the Saintesses have come. The miasma in this city has become a lot thinner, you know?”

“The human territories too.”

“Yes, we are all so thankful for them.”

“So thankful.”


They bought a bright chestnut color wig and an even brighter brown one. Then they sold their old clothes as they would be too heavy to keep carrying around. After that, they borrowed a mirror to add some light makeup and style their hair.


“Oh, you look so beautiful. This Midland style of wearing it might become the latest fashion.”


They turned out looking cute enough to receive this praise from the clerk. They looked a little younger than their age, due to having to cover their forehead with their bangs. But they were still larger than dwarven women, and so even Chiharu appeared like an adult. Now no one would think it odd if she was drinking. She was able to relax now that she was finally dressed like a woman again.


Maki and Chiharu were in high spirits as they left the store when a birdman dropped down in front of them. It was Sauro.


“It is today. The Midland soldiers are arriving today.”

“But why?”

“There are too many monsters in the dungeons now, and the adventurers can’t hold them off anymore. And as they cannot send so many new adventurers with little notice, they decided to borrow soldiers from the human territories.”

“But what about the dwarven soldiers?”

“Among the three lands of this continent, beastkin, elves, and dwarves are all superior to humans in terms of strength. But many do not like to use swords. So much so that elves stick to using bows. And so it is difficult to gather enough useful men.”

“But isn’t this the blacksmith country?”

“It is really more of a farming and cooking country. Also, Maki and Chiharu…”


Sauro had an unusually troubled expression.


“Aeris is worried about you two. To be honest, I don’t like elves, and the chief and Aeris do not get along, as they fight over the possession of the Saintesses. But still…”




“We are the same in some ways. We didn’t get along at first, but we started talking about you a lot, and when I was still at the castle, we would trade information about you two.”


Uhhh, off-putting… Could they be fan number 1 and 2?


Chiharu and Maki looked at each other. Setting that aside, they did not want the kind Aeris to worry about them. Chiharu took out a small bag from her suitcase.


“Give this to Aeris. Tell him that we’re safe.”

“Should I tell him that you are here?”

“Don’t tell him! We, we want to be free for just a little bit longer.”

“I understand. I’ll come again.”


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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