Realist Demon King – 10

Drifted Relic, Izuminokami Kanesada

While the skeleton engineers and orcs dug the moat, I focused on strengthening my army.


As expected, much of the materials we had taken from Sabnac’s storehouse contained things that would be useful in making kobolds.


And other beast monsters.


I wonder why? Eve answered this question.


“Sabnac is known as the Demon King of the beastkin. It is only natural that he would gather materials related to them.”


“I see.”


“Yes. Sabnac’s body may look human, but he has the head of a lion. He is even called the Lion King by some.”


“That’s a very imposing name.”


“In truth, he is strong. While his army is middling because he is not great with magic, he is no F rank Demon King if judged as an individual warrior.”


“I understand. So he is a meathead Demon King. He can only depend on his personal strength.”


“In short, yes.”


“Then it will be worth playing a little trick on him.”


“Do you have an idea?”


“I do. But for now, hand this map to our engineers with these instructions.”


“This is…!?”


Eve was quick enough to immediately understand what I was thinking.


“Very good, master. The lion’s claws will never reach you now.”


She said with approval.


“Save it for when it succeeds. There is much to prepare in advance.”


Even if Sabnac was an F rank Demon King, that was just a general comparison between him and the others. His forces were still far ahead of my own.


And so I would have to use the kind of strategy that a weakling would use.


“From the recent assault and from what you told me, I understand that our enemies army consists of beastkin. So we will have to summon many monsters that are strong against beastkin.”


“A wonderful idea.”


“Beastkin are sharp and strong in physique, but their attacks are mostly physical. There are not many who can use magic. So I think to make a unit of ghosts and wraiths who are immune to physical attacks.”


“Very good, master.”


And so Eve brought over materials that seemed optimal for making such specters.

With those materials, I made twenty wraiths that were immune to physical attacks.


Rarity: Silver Rare

Race: Ghost, Wraith

Job: Magician

Fighting Ability: 211

Skills: Physical Immunity, Deadly Curses


Such was their abilities.


“Now the fight will be quite one-sided.”


Eve said with a hint of optimism. But I casually disagreed.


“No. While he may have fewer magicians, he still has them. And I am sure there will be enchanted weapons as well. I could lose if I rely on the wraiths alone.”


“I understand.”


“And so I will also summon some powerful beast monsters.”


As I mentioned before, there were many materials related to beasts among our spoils of war. I thought to combine them to summon a powerful beast.


Even if it did not compare to The Lion himself, I would be happy to have a beast that could at least kill kobolds and warcats with one hand.


In order to summon something that was a rank above the rest, I dumped all of the materials we had taken from Sabnac into the pot and poured magic into it.


The thing that was born from this, was the infamous ‘Werewolf.’

Werewolf. A humanoid monster that was also called a lycanthrope.

This monster was covered in hair and had the head of a wolf.

It was one of the advanced species among the beastkin.

And its status was fitting of that advanced rank.


Rarity: Gold Rare

Race: Beastkin, Werewolf

Job: Warrior

Fighting Ability: 591

Skills: Sharp Nose, Accelerated Healing


These numbers were higher than any monster I had summoned before.

It was with tremendous luck that I was able to summon ten of them.


There were a little leftover materials that I used to summon goblins and orcs. And then my Ashtaroth army was complete.


Now, I wasn’t too far behind Sabnac in terms of numbers and quality.

Eve smiled when I said this.


“Then your victory is guaranteed. If the armies are of comparable strength, then it is only a matter of the quality of their leaders. And I do believe that you outstrip him in that way.”


“I can only hope.”


I say lightheartedly. And so I decided to gather the soldiers and train them.

Strong soldiers needed training, otherwise, they were no different than animals.


It was only after I had united these unique creatures and am able to command them as if commanding my own limbs, that I would be able to breathe easily.


Until then, I had to stay ready and never let my guard down.


realist demon king

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