Realist Demon King – 10


And so the days passed while I planned for my stand against Sabnac. While we had used up the materials we stole from him, I remembered that there was still something else.


We had not only stolen materials but treasure as well.


Most of it had been stored in the castle safe, as it was to be used to expand the town at a later date. But there were treasures in there that could not be converted into money.


I did not want to throw them away either, and as I wondered what to do, Eve suggested a use for them.


“Master, could the thing you are looking at be a Japanese sword?”


“A Japanese sword…?”


I instinctively asked, but in truth, I was not remotely surprised.


The curved blade, the artistic glimmer. It was much the same as the swords that appeared in my own memories.


Yes, I had memories of researching these and being drawn to them.

I do believe that I had wanted to replicate one of these.


I have no idea if I ever succeeded in doing that, but I was sure that this was a katana.


And so I asked Eve.


“Eve, these swords exist in this world?”


“I have heard rumors of them coming from an island to the east. There are Japanese swords occasionally among their exports. Nobles from western countries sometimes like to collect them as works of art. There are even some Demon Kings who use them to fight.”


“I see. But this sword is not from this world…”


I declare.


“What brought you to that conclusion?”


“It does not smell like this world. Perhaps I am more sensitive to it, as an outsider. I can detect the differences between these countries materials. Yes, I am sure of it. This sword is from another world.”


“Very impressive. That is indeed something that has drifted into here.”




“There are rare relics that have drifted from other worlds into ours. Most of them are incredibly powerful, and owning such relics is considered a symbol of status to many.”


“I see. So that is why the Lion King had one.”


“I believe so. It is not strange at all for a Demon King to carry a powerful relic like this.”


“Well, this sword may be powerful, but just one swing…”


It would be a different story if these could be mass produced and distributed among the troops. But as it was, it had little value to me outside of being an antique.


I said as much, and Eve gave one of her rare smiles.


“…There is one thing that you do not yet know.”


She said.


“And what is that?”


“These ‘drifted’ relics can also be used as summoning material. If you put that inside of the Klein bottle, you will be able to summon the spirit of the owner. This is called Spirit Summoning.”


“So I suppose it is different than summoning normal monsters.”




“I see. Very interesting. Well, I might as well try it then.”


I was about to toss the katana into the pot, but Eve looked at me worriedly.

I ask her why.


“…Spirit Summoning does allow you to call powerful Heroes from other worlds, but these Heroes will have a will of their own. There is a possibility that they will defy the person who summoned them.”


“I see. Yes, that would be possible. However, if that were to happen, it just proves that I was not worth much as a Demon King, to begin with. How can I reach for the skies if I cannot subdue a single Hero.”


Eve heard these words and shed a tear.

“Very good, master,” she replied.

She had a habit of exaggerating in her estimation of me, but I wanted to remove her reason for worrying as soon as possible.


I had no idea what it would be, but I threw the sword which had:


‘Izuminokami Kanesada’


Written on it into the pot.

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