Realist Demon King – 9


I ask her for advice.


“It is a good plan. But we do not have enough materials to build a good stone wall.”


“I suppose not. Then we must dig instead.”


“Yes. You can summon skeleton engineers and have them dig.”


“I will do that.”


And so I tossed some bones and a pickaxe into the Klein bottle and summoned the engineering skeletons.


The expressionless workers picked up their pickaxes and shovels and began to dig a moat around Ashtaroth castle.


Orcs that were available would also help them.


The orcs did not seem enthusiastic about this at first, but they quickly offered their help once Eve gave them the order as she smiled pleasantly.


She handled them well.


“Good work.”


I offer, and she bows with gratitude.

But then she continued in like manner.


“Speaking of good work, I must commend your commanding of the battlefield. Perhaps you were also a general in your past life?”


“Who knows? I do not remember that much. I feel as if I must have been the second son of some minor lord. I have only vague memories of idly wasting away at my research of other worlds.”


“So you have no experience fighting?”


“I believe not.”


“Then perhaps it is a natural gift. So this was your first battle. Who is to know what kind of great commander you will grow into.”


“You exaggerate. And besides, I am much more interested in the next five minutes, than the far future.”


“The next five minutes?”


“Yes. I envision a beautiful maid pouring me a delicious cup of tea. I have yet to drink your tea since returning from the field. It is not only my throat but my mind that needs refreshing.”


With these words, Eve’s expression became unusually bashful, and she said, ‘well, then I will make you some,’ and left.


In exactly five minutes, she returned with a fragrant Darjeeling tea.


As I had said that I was thirsty, she poured a cup that was not too hot. I drank it down all at once and sighed.

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