Jack of all Trades – 104


He folded his arms and looked up at me as he lectured. I see, I see. So that was his idea of superiority… Right, right. Very well. Next, I will give him a lesson of what that really means.


“Wait here for ten minutes.”


“I’m telling you to wait for ten minutes.”

“Why should I?”


I looked down at him.


“Because I am about to teach you what a superior adult really is.”

“…Hmph. Fine. But when you fail to live up to your promise, I’ll have you stripped of your Adventurer’s membership. I swear it, on my name, Penrose Mavis. I will!”

“Yeah, sure. But if I turn out to be this ‘superior adult’ you talk of, then you will apologize. I’m sorry. I was wrong. With your head grinding the dirt!”

“Hah, that is what will happen to you! You will pound your head to the floor and say, ‘I am sorry, I was so very wrong. Please return my membership.’ And I will refuse!”


We cursed each other loudly.


“Alright, wait here.”

“Get out of here. These are the last minutes of your life as an Adventurer. You better enjoy them.”


He didn’t know when to shut up. I’d make him apologize for it.


I turned my back on the guild and ran into a back alley. And then I went behind the back alley and activated Legs of the Forest Wolf, stepped on air and jumped to the top of a roof. Once I confirmed the direction, I made a beeline for the Lamb’s Hoof.


It didn’t take longer than a minute. I pushed the doors open, announced my name at the front and accepted the keys to room 310. Then I dashed up the steps to my room.




Daniela had had just come out of the bath and now frantically covered her breasts.


“…Oh, it’s just you, Asagi.”


She sighed with relief and put her hands on her hips.


“Don’t you want to put some clothes on?”

“There is no point in doing so now. But, why are you in such a rush? You did say that you were going to the guild, but…”

“Yeah, I went to the guild alright. And there was a little incident. I could use your help too.”

“Fine. What should I do?”


Daniela agreed immediately without asking the reason. She really was cool.


“Just change into full battle gear for now. And, we’re going to the guild. I’ll explain as we run.”



We both began to change at full speed. I took out our gear from the hollow bag and handed Daniela hers. I also took my clothes off and put on the wind dragon clothes. Daniela had it easy as she had nothing to take off first. But we were quick, and it only took five minutes until we were done.

Then we flew out of the room and dashed out of the building before realizing that we had forgotten to lock the door. Damn it, what a stupid time loss. I ran back up the stairs, apologizing all the while to the other guests. Then I gave the keys to the front desk and rolled out the Lambs Inn, picked up Daniela and vaulted into the air with Legs of the Forest Wolf.


“So, why are we in such a hurry?”


Daniela asked with slightly flushed cheeks as she looked up at me. I condensed the story in order to fit within the time constraints. Sorry, Gardo.


“…So that is what happened. So, I thought I’d teach him a little lesson.”

“Huh…Asagi, is that really something a ‘good adult’ would do?”



It hit me then. Daniela was right. I had been so enraged that I hadn’t been able to realize it myself.


“However, that is only true in a general sense.”


“He called my Asagi mediocre. Blood must be shed.”

“Well, let’s not go that far.”


Then we’ll really be stripped of our membership. We talked like this until we arrived. We now stood on top of the closest building to the guild house. Penrose was still standing there with his arms crossed. There were other Adventurers around him now. Oh? I was puzzled at first, but they were likely spectators who had heard his verbal assaults. They now stood around him in a semicircle. Perfect.


“Daniela, we’re going down there with wind magic. Follow my lead when we land. This is the plan…”

“…Hehe…I see…yes, very good.”

“Alright, let’s begin!”


I took out the dark blue greatsword and removed it from its sheath. I gripped the handle as we stood side by side and jumped from the roof. Then I used Legs of the Forest Wolf and Daniela used wind magic to kill our momentum as we landed with victorious grins in the center of the half circle.

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Translator: Thanks Mychael! Much appreciated.

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  1. It was bugging me for a long time. It seems author don’t understand how people behave and act in real life…The shop owners try to push out the costumers, the cooks are rude to a person, who came in their restorant a minute ago, the MC almost lick everyone’s ass and can’t just slap/kick away some assholes.
    It’s like everyone plays the snobish so important character and MC plays shy apologist….
    At first it was understandable, but it repeats itself over and over.

  2. *sigh* Unfortunately this is probably going to end with one of those Naruto moments where he “gains the respect” of the little shit. Me I would have taken him behind the alley and beat the living shit out of the little ****. I wouldn’t give 2 shits what the worthless excuse for an adventurer thought of me. If it became a problem so what. The Guild Master himself said to treat his son as a normal adventurer and that’s exactly what I would do to a normal adventurer who was that much of an annoyance. If he don’t like it than he should have taken care of the problem himself. There are always other towns and other adventuring guild locations.

  3. Meh… he endured so long people calling him black rabbit and now loses his patience with a little shit that can’t even raise his rank?
    If this is the kind of direction the story is going, then it’s going downhill.

  4. Meh… he endured for so long with others calling him black rabbit and now loses his patience with a little shit brat that can’t even raise its own rank?

    This whole “Meet an asshole in every town” is getting boring now.

  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Personally, I would just break the kid’s arm after being pushed like that. If they can’t be educated gently, then they need to be educated harshly.

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