Realist Demon King – 1




“Do you want to know how you died?”


“It sounds depressing, so I don’t need to hear it.”


“That is wise.”


The Goddess chuckled.


“Now, you have been reborn as the Demon King, and there are things that a Demon King must do.”


“World domination?”


“That too. I think you will be a great king. But first, the thing that you must do is rebuild your army.”


“The Demon King’s army.”


“There are 72 Demon Kings in this world, and each of them has their own army. Cities and castles too. The other Demon Kings run these cities and gather military funds to grow their forces and fight the other Demon Kings.”


“These other Demon Kings fight each other?”


“Is that strange to you?”


“Yes, it is. They are the same race.”


“The people in your past life did not fight then? Humans did not fight amongst themselves for land? They weren’t killing each other?”




I had no reply to that.


“It’s the same here. It happens in every world. War is the endgame for every intelligent being. This world is no exception. In this world, those that are called Demon King are fighting for domination. You will become one of them and do your best.”


“So I should kill all the other Demon Kings?”


“That is up to you. You can make them your subordinates or exterminate them. Of course, you could even work under them. But as the Goddess who was assigned to you, I would hope that you do better than that.”


I suppose it would raise her esteem amongst the gods, if it were her Demon King who became the one Great Demon King.


I didn’t intend on working hard just so she could brag, but it was also possible that I could be killed immediately. I would do my best to survive. First of all, I asked about my abilities.


“It’s that thing about knowing your enemies and yourself. You have a good head. But first, your ability.”


The Goddess said, and began to chant something.

It was a language that I’ve never heard before.

And then all of a sudden, A large boulder materialized dozens of meters away.

The Goddess said that I should destroy it.


But I was naked. How would I be able to destroy it? I asked her.


“You have the power to change the world.

If you act with the wish to destroy that boulder, then it will come true.”


She said.


And so I imagined the boulder breaking, and clenched my fist.

Then my right arm started to glow a bright red.

My own hand was unleashing a blazing flame.

It shot out as a mass of magic and bore into the boulder.


The elephantine boulder was split into half by the magic from my fist.


No, it crumbled into powder.


“…This is my power? The power of Demon King Ashtaroth…?”


I mumbled, and the Goddess smiled happily.

And then she gave me clothes.

A black shirt and black overcoat.

It was the kind of menacing outfit that you would expect from a Demon King.


I put them on, and she praised me for looking dignified.

And in the end, she whispered so that I couldn’t hear.


“You will one day be known as the most powerful Demon King in history.”

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  1. Everything reads pretty smoothly, but i just have to caution that there’s a lot of tense change whiplash going on. Seems like mostly past tense, so you might wanna go and tweak any present tense sentences ~

    Otherwise interesting start!

  2. “These other Demon Kings fight each other?”

    “Is that strange to you?”

    “Yes, it is. They are the same race.”

    …Definitely not the kind of realist i wanted to read.

  3. So decided to read it after stumbling upon manga. Starts promising that MC isn’t japanese reincarnator but some feudal lord. But author used one trope that is often big trap in isekai stories: MC doesn’t remember his past life! Then how can he be a realist? And knowing japanese authors the MC will suddenly remember convenient things that help him along. The other big trap is when author every second sentence insist that MC is genius but author writing often proves otherwise.

    I hope it isn’t the case here.

    Thanks for chapter

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