10 Years After – 85

Searching the Marquis’s House


So Philly was being kept alive to make this mysterious metal.

It was possible that she was the very reason that this house had been targeted in the first place.


“I’ve seen this metal several times recently.”

“That is surprising, given how rare it is. I don’t know if you are lucky or unlucky…”

“But what is it?”

“Have you ever heard of the Fool’s Stone?”

“I have heard of it. But I don’t know any details.”


I said, and so Philly explained it to me.

Both the Philosopher’s Stone and the Fool’s Stone were the ultimate goals of alchemy.

The Philosopher’s Stone turned base metals into precious metals.

On the other hand, the Fool’s Stone turned precious metals into base metals.


“But the value of these stones does not stop there.”

“What do you mean?”

“The Philosopher’s Stone can purify curses and offer divine protection. The Fool’s Stone gathers curses and makes them grow. I believe that using the Fool’s Stone will allow me to create a barrier that has the opposite effect as divine protection.”

“And you would be right. I have seen it myself.”

“Really? So they have already succeeded…”


Philly seemed very shocked.


“That means that I might have aided in the destruction of all humanity through making the stones.”

“They had your parents hostage, didn’t they? It could not be helped.”


And then I said,


“Where are your parents?”

“I do not know. They must be somewhere in this mansion…”

“In that case, I think I might go and help them a little.”

“I would be grateful.”

“If you don’t mind, you and Tama must stay here for now. I will make sure that no one else enters.”


So saying, I dismantled the lock magic on the door and put a new one up.

Now only Philly and I could open it.


“Now it should be fine.”

I said, and Philly bowed.


“Locke. Thank you. …It may sound very impudent of me to make a further request, but would you mind searching the sewers later?”

“To gather the idol made from the Fool’s Stone?”

“…How did you know?”

“I already collected them. We followed the current to see where the fragments came from and thought that this mansion was the most suspicious.”


Philly was at a loss for words.

After some silence, she muttered,


“…Locke. You are not only a good Adventurer, but you have intelligence.”

“It’s not me who is smart. One of my companions is the smart one.”

“You have good friends then.”

“By the way, what is that idol?”

“I do not know. They told me to make it in that shape.”

“And why were the fragments in the sewer?”

“I think that they had no more use for it. Though, they did tell me to turn it into medals… But I wanted to buy more time, and also tell the outside world about this situation. That’s why I did it.”


Then Philly looked to me and bowed her head.


“I can hardly believe that someone actually figured it out, though. Thank you.”

“No, don’t mention it. It was good that we found out.”


Then I started to wonder what it meant that they were finished using the Evil God idol.

Did it mean that they had succeeded in summoning?

If there was an Evil God here now, we would have to defeat it.


I petted Tama before leaving the room.


“Thank you for bringing me to this room.”


“Take care of Philly now.”

Tama puffed up as if to say, ‘leave it to me.’


Once I left the room, I used magic to erase my presence. Then I walked very carefully.

Tama wasn’t here with me now, so I didn’t know how the servants would move.

And so I walked slowly. I put my ear against the door of every room and listened.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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