10 Years After – 85


Through observing the servants, I saw that there was one room that had a lot of people entering and exiting.

And so I tried to enter just as the traffic stopped for a moment.


“…Is that a rat that has entered?”


I had erased my presence completely, and yet these words were spoken as soon as I entered.

At the same time as they were said, a Vampire Lord appeared in front of me.

It was so fast that it seemed he had teleported.

He attacked me immediately, and I blocked it.


“To think that a human could block my attack.”

“To think that a vampire could enter the city.”


He must be using a magic tool that nullified the barrier.

It was terrible enough that Arch Vampires had entered the royal capital before, but here was a Vampire Lord.

The city might be in danger. I became very afraid.


But I hid what I was feeling and smirked.

“If you managed to crawl in here. You must be one of those weakling lesser vampires.”


That would certainly infuriate him.

The Vampire Lord became enraged at these words. He was so angry that he swung his sword at full force.

As a powerful vampire, he could not bear to be called a lesser vampire.


An attack that had the full weight of a Vampire Lord. He was fast and strong. However, I could manage him.

I was more concerned with the movements of the servants who had been charmed.


“Bastard! You move about so restlessly!”


This overexcited vampire was not my enemy.

After clashing swords a few times, the Devil King Sword took off the Vampire Lord’s head.


The dismembered head glared at me.


“Bastard. Who are…”

“I don’t care to introduce myself to someone who’s going to die.”

I said as I searched his body. I quickly found a strange magic object.


“Is this what you used to enter the city?”



He had no intention of telling me.

Of course, I had not really expected him to.

I threw the tool into my magic bag.



“Shut up.”


Now that he was just a head, he seemed to have given up on dealing with me by himself.

He was about to call his subordinates when I thrust the Devil King Sword into his forehead.

Then the Vampire Lord’s head and body turned into ash.

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    • That’s not a smart move in this current situation. MC is in unknown territory and vampires can attack him at random times. There is another possibility that the parents are dead. Also, it will take time to get answers out of the vampires since their lips are sealed shut and can stand being only a head. So they can take a lot of pain or don’t feel it, so torture doesn’t work. Basically what I am saying is that, MC doesn’t have time for that in this cursed mansion.

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