10 Years After – 86

Powered-Up Vampire


I held my breath after defeating the Vampire Lord.

I wanted to see if any of his subordinates would come in after he tried to call them.


(Hmm. I don’t sense anyone coming…)


Anyone who had been charmed by the Vampire Lord that I just killed would have now fainted.

And his thralls would have turned into ash.


But it was also possible that some of his subordinates were turned into vampires by someone else.

If that were the case, they would see their fallen comrades and know that something was wrong.

Then they would rush here to this room.


(Since that hadn’t happened, maybe there aren’t any others here.)


I thought as I looked down at the ashes.

But just in case, I cast lock magic on the door.

Now no one could come in or go out.


After that, I inspected the ashes more thoroughly. This was to find the medal and magic stone, as usual.

The medals that collect curses which are made by the Fool’s Stone.


(As for the number of curses… There was quite a lot.)


It wasn’t too much, but quite a lot either way.

For now, I tossed the medal and magic stone into my bag.


(It would be so easy if this Vampire Lord was the boss who was behind it all…)


I thought as I searched the room.

There was nothing else that really drew my attention.

So I tried using Magic Search. It reacted to the wall.

On close inspection, there was a door that had been hidden with magic.

It was locked tightly with magic and then concealed.

It was nearly half the size of the room door and I would have to crouch when going through.


(The difficulty for this lock was about the same as Philly’s room.)


Whoever did this was very skilled. Maybe it was the Lord I just killed.

In any case, there must be something behind the door.


I carefully disabled the lock and opened the door. There was a small room on the other side.

And in the center of the room was a tall mirror.


(Didn’t vampires hate mirrors? I’ll have to ask Shia about that.)


And so I started to check the mirror carefully.

There was nothing on the surface. It was a normal mirror. However, I felt magic coming from it.

I checked the back of it.


(There it is.)


There was a teleportation magic circle carved into the back. But where did it lead?

If there was another person behind the Vampire Lord that I defeated, this would probably lead to them.


It would be necessary to activate it with magic in order to use it.

But as I was about to do it, the magic circle began to glow.


I quickly activated an illusion spell. This was so I could pretend to be the Lord that I just killed.

It was a different Lord who stepped out of the circle.


“Hm? Oh, it’s you.”

The Vampire Lord said after looking at me.


“Uh, what…”

What is it? Was what I was about to say, but I was interrupted.

Without a change of expression, the Vampire Lord swung at me with his sword.

His sword passed the space where my head occupied a moment ago.

His speed was comparable to Goran.

It wasn’t the speed of a mere Vampire Lord.


“Why are you attacking me!?”

“Who are you? Did you really think that such tricks would work on me?”


He could see through it.

Well, Lord’s were very powerful with magic. It was never going to be easy.

But now, judging by the speed of his sword, he might be something stronger than a Lord.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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