10 Years After – 86


“Are you a High Lord?”

“What is it to you?”


Before I could finish, the vampire swung his sword.

I blocked it with the Devil King Sword.

But his series of attacks did not stop. The room was so small, but he deftly controlled his great sword for every strike.

The power behind it was incredible.


I blocked every hit as I said,


“Are you the leader here?”

“Hmph. I’m not going to talk to someone who is about to die.”

He didn’t want to answer.


“Then die.”

I said as I chopped off his head. It went rolling along the floor.

His eyes were wide with horror.



The vampire’s head groaned.


“This cannot be happening…I was granted power by God…and you’re a mere human…”

The vampire was more shocked then angry as he muttered to himself.





The vampire became silent when I asked this.

He didn’t want to answer.

It was something he had only let slip because he was in such shock.


“Well, nevermind. I’ll find out after you are dead.”

“…You are an insolent human. You will regret this.”



I plunged the sword into his face.

His body and head turned in ash. But when I searched through the ashes, there was no medal.

All I found was a magical tool for breaking through the barrier.


“What does this mean?”

I couldn’t help but mumble. A Lord or High Lord should have a medal inside of them.

Maybe he had only become a Lord recently? But he was quite strong.

Vampires became stronger the longer they lived.


“What if he wasn’t even a Lord…”


I shook my head. He wasn’t as weak as an Arch Vampire.

I looked at the magic stone. It really wasn’t that of an Arch Vampire in brilliance.

But it was the same size.

Depending on the race, the size and brilliance of the stones were mostly uniform.


(Could it be…something to do with the power he received from god?)


I had a bad feeling about this.

If it was possible for a mere Arch Vampire to become this strong.

How strong had Vampire Lords become?


But the first Lord was just a normal Lord.

In other words, this god was not giving out new power to everyone.

Perhaps there were limitations in terms of time. I would have to hurry.


And so I jumped through the magic teleportation circle.

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  1. I think that’s just the sort of operation he should have coordinated with the King. Jumping into a portal all alone is unwise. Especially if there might be demon god on the other side.

    • But while he does that, the enemy could have destroyed the portal from the other side already. Its very easy to detect a vampires death like he mentioned here. The converted turn to ashes and the controlled faints so if another vampire is on the other side, he’d notice it immediately. It would be another matter if they had phones and leave them a message before he went in but that’s another matter.

      The one in danger here are the people left behind. This guy being in the center of the enemy base is his strong suit. He fought in the middle of an army for several years and had created several tactics on how to survive even when an army is upon him. On the other hand, the people left behind doesnt know that vampire lords can cross the barrier already and might get taken hostage or something

  2. Since MC is amazing at magic, doesn’t he just have a spell for communication? It seems like he would come up with something like that…

    Sends something like, “Hey, just killed some strong vampires in the capital, and there is a transportation circle on a mirror which I’m jumping in now. See ya in a bit.” to his buddies…

    • Well, rather than amazing at magic, he can learn any type of magic but we don’t know the magic all he has and how he learned them(example the magic lock). A spell of communication is rather complicated and needs time to create that magic. Like, the magic required to connect to the other person, the tools needed to do it, the distance it can travel, and etc. I don’t know the rules of magic in this world but I can assume that no one has that idea yet. It may be possible to leave voices in a magic tool but it’s not that useful in this current situation.

  3. ; w; I think it was a human that switch side to demon god or whatever it’s and transform into vampire.

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