Realist Demon King – 21


My core would be destroyed. Game over.


“And so there it is. Jeanne, will you come with me?”


“That has always been my intention. I heard a message. It said that I would travel with the Demon King. A strong-willed maid would also be present.”


Jeanne glanced over to Eve. Eve’s expression was difficult to read.


“There I will kill many. But it is God’s will. The Demon King will gain an important friend there. That is also God’s will. However…”


“The Demon King will also lose an important friend.”


“Is that also God’s will?”


The blonde girl nodded.


“I don’t know who this friend is. But if I refused to move out of fear of a divine message, then the name Demon King Ashtaroth would forever become synonymous with cowardice. I will go.”


Jeanne’s face broke into a smile at these words.


“A Demon King chosen by God.”

She said.


That was a very curious combination of words there. But I suppose it worked if you did not equate being a Demon King with being evil.

And indeed, I did not see myself as evil.


And so, I gained a new commander to accompany us to the dwarf’s homelands.

The real purpose of the recruitment board had been fulfilled, but the examinations had only just begun.


After that, I acted as the town’s magistrate and performed strict examinations before choosing a few low ranking officers.


In time, they would become commanders of the human mercenary squads I would form.


I intended for Toshizou to train them while I was away in the dwarf lands, but how many would survive the harsh training of the demon commander?


I hoped that they would all make it through.

That is what I thought as I prepared to leave.

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  1. some realist soft on women. If he us realist then he would be not treat a woman any different especially he onced live on modern earth where women are just as vicious and in some instances worse as they get away with their viciousness.

    • Agree with treating everybody equally, but he is not from Earth, just an otherworlder Earth researcher.
      Well, he might have known about our personalities since he knows many more strange and worthless things…

  2. now his party have a samurai, a maid and a paladin… where’s the mage? the suport? the dps? so unbalanced.

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