Realist Demon King – 34


Skills: Architect, Blacksmith, Mine Explorer, Axe User, Commander, City Planning, Weapon Designer


As soon as I saw his status, I felt a mixture of both joy and disappointment.

I was disappointed that he wasn’t a Hero.

The fact that I could see his status was proof of it.

But I was happy because he was a Legend Rare.

As he was a ghost, his combat abilities were nonexistent, but that hardly mattered.

What I wanted was his ability as an administrator.

I had wanted his help as an architect to begin with.


He seemed to be quite sad that he could no longer fight, but I knew that his knowledge and experience would be useful.


But more than anything, I was simply happy to reunite with a friend, even if he was a ghost. And so I was overjoyed to be with him again.


Gottlieb felt the same, and though he was only here as a spirit, he was happy to be of use to me.


Besides, he would not be able to witness the path that his people would go.

He was already very anxious about their living conditions.

I remembered this issue myself, and so we went about solving it.


“I will now gather together the dwarf architects. They can construct buildings, but are not good at planning cities.”


“Yes, I was always responsible for all of that. Ah, well. It is my own fault for not training a successor.”


“However, it is not too late.”


“Indeed. I can hammer the knowledge into them now. Yes, bring the dwarves to me.”


I turned to Eve and she gave me a smile.

“I have already called for them.”

She said.


A brilliant maid for sure.

She was like Gottlieb, in that I would not trade her for anyone else.


She then brought drinks for everyone and tea for me. Which we drank while Gottlieb began to talk about his plans for the city.


As I listened, I saw that his ideas aligned perfectly with my own ideals.

What I wanted was not a city with great defenses, but a city of business.


Instead of concentrating on defensive walls, I wanted it to be a city where foreign merchants could travel to freely and the citizens could live in comfort economically. The taxes would be used to strengthen my army and I would cooperate with other Demon Lords.


For this reason, Gottlieb argued that the new districts should be grid-shaped.

In any case, it seemed like it would turn out into the kind of city I had originally described.


However, the finer details required a professional, and so efficient sewage systems and public water systems were all under Gottlieb’s domain.


If his concept and my ideal were the same, then I did not care about the details.

I would leave the rest to Gottlieb and the dwarf architects.

I knew that they would build the best possible city.

That is what I thought, and I was not wrong.

Because they completed the plans in just one night, and the city was built in three months.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I was hoping Gottlieb would come back, but aged younger and then he’d be crazy strong or something. This is fine too, though.

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