Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 35

Feelings at Eighteen


Sauro and Saikania were very happy to have been able to fly with Maki and Chiharu again. Chiharu was able to fly much better than she had back at the castle, and they felt that traveling and growing was the best thing for humans to do.


It was mostly because Orne had bragged about flying far with Maki or about how much fun he had with Chiharu. Maki and Chiharu were theirs.


“Sauro. You looked like you were having fun.”


What a surprise. It was Edwy. He was standing in the shadow of the mansion’s entrance.


“Ah, yeah. It is fun to fly with children.”

“Yes. But you never flew with any children besides me back in Midland. Actually, you never had that much interest in people to begin with.”

“Is-is that right? Maybe it means that I’ve grown since then.”

“Huh. But those children seemed like they were used to it. But flying with birdfolk is quite difficult.”

“They were just really physically capable.”

“The small one didn’t look too strong.”


Edwy said teasingly. What’s this? He seemed different today. Then Edwy turned to Saikania. 

As if to defend the ‘small one’ the Edwy referred to, Saikania said,


“He was flying perfectly fine.”

“There was a lot of flailing.”

“No there wasn’t!”

“I thought the kid would fall at any moment.”

“Don’t make fun of Chiharu like that! She has improved so much!”



It was hard for the birdfolk to trick people. Sauro sighed and looked up at the sky.




Edwy laughed.


“No-no-no. Uh, Ryan. Yes.”



Edwy ignored Saikania as she frantically made excuses and looked at Sauro. Sauro looked away. Edwy continued.


“I wonder what Aeris will say when he learns that you two have been hogging Maki and Chiharus and having all the fun.”


“What will happen?”


What will happen?


“Even when they have returned to the castle, they won’t give you any information about Maki and Chiharu.”



He wasn’t sure about Aeris, but the elves would definitely do that.


“Of course, I won’t tell you anything either.”



Sauro looked ashamed. Edwy continued.


“I thought we were friends.”

“I’m sorry. But I couldn’t betray Maki and Chiharu’s trust. I wanted to free the Saintesses who felt like they were being trapped.”

“Sauro, have you, as the future chief, or even me, have we ever been free? People say that you do as you please, and I am able to leave the castle in disguise, but we are still bound by our duties as princes. Maki and Chiharu were treated well at the castle.”



That was true. However.


“Hey, Edwy. I’m sorry. But Maki and Chiharu did their duty by your country. And they were brought here by force and made to work for this world. We can’t compare ourselves to them.”

“I know! I know that, but I was so worried! And yet! You were all so carefree! And you yourself tried to take them away by force in the beginning!”


Sauro looked a little troubled as he patted Edwy on the shoulder. There was no point in digging up the past. This was the sadness of those without wings. The Saintesses had often been so close by.


“At least, Maki and Chiharu are now with our troops. They are in your sight. Isn’t that fine?”

“It’s not! You can go to them and say that you like children, but what excuse can a prince use to talk with some cook apprentices?”


So that was it. Sauro laughed.


“Kaider would have barged right in.”

“That meathead!”


Kaider had left to become an Adventurer as soon as Edwy was born, and so they were not very close.


“By the way, he said that they traveled together.”


Edwy scowled in irritation.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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