Jack of all Trades – 149


“I too had a sense of justice. Evil is evil. We should do good, etcetera. But…when pushed to my limits, I learned to take from others in order to survive. And it turned out to be a much easier way to live. Before long I forgot what it had felt like at first.”

“You’ve gone through so much…”

“Aye, in a way.”


She seemed to be staring off into the distance. I could see a whirl of emotions in her profile. Sadness, regret, joy and nostalgia. The look in her eyes changed at a rapid pace, as if she were chasing memories of her travels. But there was something in her expression that I couldn’t read.

Still, I thought she had never looked more beautiful.


  □   □   □   □


The spot we had chosen to wait was not far from the town. It was only about a twenty minute walk from the gate. And so we could see the town clearly from here.

It was surrounded by a ash-colored wall to protect it from monsters and bandits. There was something very dark about it considering it was near a river. 

While it wasn’t as big as Spiris or Replant, it was quite big to be called a town. Its walls were high and thick, with sentries holding torches standing guard on top. It seemed that those men were at least doing their job. Perhaps they were forced to do it against their will? I couldn’t help but wonder.


We could see the west gate from where we were. We had come straight from the east, but there were also roads leading from the north and south as well. I saw several carriages flinging mud as they dashed down the road. It really was a necessary stop for any who wished to enter the capital. The last caravan I saw was accompanied by many guards as they headed for the gate.


We were watching this all very leisurely because we were eating breakfast. I wasn’t used to having arguments and it had made me hungry. It was definitely a rare thing for me to be the first to suggest it, but regardless, I started a fire and began to cook some meat.

Some people who passed us by gave us jealous looks. And they were quite right to, as our breakfast was very delicious.


“Let me get this straight, Asagi.”


“So, we give the guards the boxes. The empire is now responsible for what happens to them. And we immediately leave the town.”

“There’s no need for us to do everything for them.”

“I suppose so.”


Uhhhh… So, we stayed the night in this lodge, you see…and then there were these boxes…uh…yeah…they were suspicious looking…and so we opened them up and they were full of these rocks.


And with that, our conscious would be saved. We could leave knowing that we were 100% in the right. After that, Nicora’s problems would be dealt with by the country. I wasn’t from this world and I wasn’t from the empire.


“Alright. We’ve satisfied our hunger. Time to go!”

“Riverside Town of Nicora… I have not been to a shanty town in a while. I must stay on my guard.”

“I wonder how it will compare to Alessa?”

“Alessa should be nothing in comparison. This is a place where their military has no power. If one is not careful…hehe.”

“Which side are you even on…”


I put the dirty blanket back into my bag and got up. Now, off we go.

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  1. Asagi is fucking retard I hope that because of that stupid ass decision a lot of innocent people get hurts so that he gets devastated.

  2. Well he might just be returning the stolen boxes back to their respective thieves.. i hope it’s nothing worse…

  3. What an idiot. Even if he wants to absolve his conscious by turning in the bandit’s loot instead of keeping it, he should not do it in this town. He was specifically warned about how bad and corrupt the town is so giving the guards there the loot is just asking for trouble. If he really must do this then he should hold onto the loot until the next town. It is literally across the river. I mean you wouldn’t go to the roughest ghetto you know and walk up to some rando and give them some money you found on the ground. You’d be liable to then get robbed of your own money too. I’m hoping whatever bad things happen end up knocking some common sense into Asagi.

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