Jack of all Trades – 265


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Now, we were fully prepared. Nothing was left undone. We bought what we needed.

We even had potions for dealing with potential threats.


“So, the last thing to do would be to go accept the quest at the guild.”



Investigating the Reserentrible Labyrinth. We might not even be allowed to enter the town if we didn’t accept it. Security would be pretty tight there these days. The last thing they wanted was for merchants and travelers to wander in.


“I have not told you about this, Asagi, but I have encountered a similar situation once. These ‘labyrinth disasters.’” 

“You have?”


Daniela told me as we walked to the guild. Apparently, they called this a labyrinth disaster. The dungeon cores that lay deep in the dungeons were set to react in certain ways. Once you touched it, the trap was activated. There were not enough case studies to be able to predict what would happen. But Daniela assured me that they would all be bad.


“This dungeon is especially close to the imperial capital. And so many merchants and Adventurers gathered in this town. That is why the damage is so immense.”

“So, we’ll have to help people while we investigate it then.”
“No, I do not think that is important.”



But if the dungeon was encroaching on a town with a large population, then surely there would be people who are wounded if not worse.


“The residents are well aware of the dangers of living near a dungeon. They are not going to plead for help once the fangs turn towards them.”

“That might be true, but…”

“In fact, you are made to sign such an agreement before moving there.”

“I see…”


Danger and business were side by side. I guess it was true no matter where you were. Daniela chuckled and continued.


“Besides, the residents are likely tough. I am sure they are already trying to make a profit off of this.”

“Hehe. I suppose.”


Merchants never let an opportunity to make money slip passed them. Perhaps there was a lot of interesting stuff to discover there. I was feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension.


“So, what was this ‘labyrinth disaster’ thing like when you encountered it?”

“Let me see…it was nearly thirty years ago. The town was also right above the dungeon. No one had ever conquered it, and it swallowed up many Adventurers for years. Those were the rumors that attracted me to it. The disaster happened just before I arrived.”


Thirty years ago… Daniela still looked young now. She would be close to thirty in human years. However, she looked closer to my own age. 


“It was a normal town. There was a protective wall and houses within… And the dungeon was in the center. And then the dungeon suddenly shot towards the sky.”

“It what?”

“Yes. It became a gigantic tower.”


That was hard to imagine. The town became a tower? So many people must have died. All of those houses… You could open your door one day and find yourself suddenly facing a monster.


“What happened after that?”

“I and many other Adventurers entered the tower…but the monsters were too strong… And so I had to give up and retreat.”

“It’s important to know when to fall back.”

“It was not worth risking my life, yes. I have not heard any news about it since then, so it is probably still there. Unconquered.”


A town with a giant tower… It sounded kind of interesting. But, well, priorities. Maybe this tower would be something we could consider after gaining some experience.

As I listened to Daniela’s story, the guild came into view. Now we just had to accept the quest and leave the city.



“Oh, hello.”


When I opened the door, Lemon and Manager were standing there.

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