Jack of all Trades – 212


The interior of the building was mostly white. The stairs, walls, and ceiling. It kind of messed with your perception of distance if you weren’t careful. It was also clean and spotless.

As we looked around and made our way towards the room, we would pass by people who looked like soldiers, but they all left us alone. Still, they seemed very alert.


“Here it is.”


I checked the door and the key. Yes, 316. It continued on until 320, which meant there would be rooms on both sides. So we would have to keep it down…


The door unlocked with a loud click and we entered the room. It was white inside as well. A plain, single room. Nothing really drew the eye. In fact, the simplicity of it made me think of modern-day Japan.


“Hmm… It’s the kind of room that results from taking everything out that is deemed unnecessary.”

“It really is.”


There weren’t any security devices either. I suppose it showed they were confident that such a thing would not occur here. In any case, we put down our belongings and fell onto the couch.


“Ahhh…we finally found a place to stay.”

“I’ll have to thank that guy. Tames…”

“Yes, we will have to thank him if we have a chance.”


He had even given me a Presence Block tool during the battle with Eve… Karma would not be kind if I didn’t show my gratitude.


“…Oh, by the way…”


I took out my status card from the hollow bag and brought up my status.


  ◇   ◇   ◇   ◇


Name: Asagi Kamiyashiro

Race: Human

Job: Adventurer(Rank: C)

Alias: Silvergreen

LV: 86

HP: 847/847

MP: 807/807

STR: 444  VIT: 438

AGI: 903  DEX: 462

INT: 436  LUK: 39

Skills: ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’, Legs of the God Wolf, Eyes of the God Wolf, Single-handed Sword(9/10), Short sword(6/10), Spear(3/10), Archer(2/10), Greatsword(6/10), Presence Detection(8/10), Presence Block(2/10), Nighteyes(5/10)

Magic: Ice(9/10), Water(7/10), Fire(2/10)

Quest: None

Party: Daniela Villesilf

Equipment: Armor

                   Head: none

                   Torso: Ice Dragon Light Armor

                   Arms: Ice Dragon Gauntlets

                   Legs: Ice Dragon Leg Guards

                   Feet: Accel Panther Boots

                   Weapons: Glampanzer

                         – None

                         – None

       Clothes: Wind Dragon Poncho

             – Wind Dragon Waist Mantle

             – Bewitching Light Green Cotton Shirt

       Accessories: None 


  ◇   ◇   ◇   ◇




I-I have Presence Block now…


“What is it? Have you gained some odd new skill?”

“Yeah…Presence Block…”

“What? Let me see.”


Daniela’s head came in and blocked the screen. And so I stared at the back of her neck instead.


“Your level has risen quite a lot… It must be because of the Loup-garou and the Grendel.”

“And in spite of all that, I mainly used the sword, so my spear skill only went up by one point.”


But it was the spear that I wanted to improve in.


“More importantly, Asagi, you should have your rank updated at the guild. You should be A-Rank by now.”

“Which is what stone?”



Ruby. I liked those. I remember there was this game I played a long time ago where there was a tribe of people who ate rubies.


“So tomorrow, we get the bracelets, apply to increase our ranks and then enlist in the tournament…busy, busy.”

“But fulfilling, no?”

“You know, I was just about to say the same thing.”


There was something interesting about the idea that these casual conversations on the couch were still based on our numerous experiences together. Some time had now passed since I came to this world, and it all felt so natural to me now.

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