Tensei Kenja – 106


I mused on this as I approached the closest Lesser Fire Dragon.

…It looked pretty strong. It was hard to believe that it was D-Rank.

Had I not known anything about them, I would have assumed they were C-Rank.


With that in mind, I activated the magic.


“Water Discharge.”


I chanted. And the water came shooting out of my hand.

And it hit the Lesser Fire Dragon.




What came out was ordinary water…and yet it was very effective.

The water that hit the Lesser Fire Dragon began to evaporate. And at the same time, the Lesser Fire Dragon screamed in pain.


It was as if its body was burning very hot.

Considering how much it seemed to hate the water…having a high temperature was probably necessary for them to live.


…It was no wonder that the slimes were scared of them then.

Slimes’ bodies were mostly made of water. So they would evaporate in an instant if they were stepped on.


I continued to pour water on the Lesser Fire Dragon until it stopped breathing.

Apparently, it was quite true that they would die from pouring a few dozen liters of water on them.

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  1. Surprising real with the reason of why just plain unpressurized water is enough to kill Lesser Fire Dragon. Literal death by hypothermia, poor dragon.

    In that is the case, would a rainstorm or magic that lowers temperature in an area easily wipe out exposed dragons in the affect area?

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