Tensei Kenja – 18


The manager said as he handed me my guild card.

My rank had already been overwritten to display a G.


“As a G-ranker, you are considered a full-fledged Adventurer. So that means you can accept quests with strong monsters… But on the other hand, those who have just been promoted to G-rank have the highest death rate. It would be best if you didn’t accept hard quests right away and just started on the easy ones. …Well, perhaps there is no point in me telling you this since you already completed an E-rank quest.”


…I see.

New G-rankers died a lot.


While I did just kill an E-rank monster today, I still wasn’t used to this world. So it would be best to move carefully.

Besides, I was acting solo, so I didn’t have a party to cover for me.


“Thanks for the warning. Are there any safe quests you would recommend?”


The manager heard this and laughed.


“You’re awfully cautious for someone so strong. …Hmm, what about gathering Dria flowers?”


“Dria flowers?”


“Aye. It is a flower that grows deep in the western mountains. It is used for medicine, but there have been shortages recently. If you like searching for herbs, it is a good quest. Though, it will take time, as it is quite far. But at least it’s not dangerous like the eastern forest.”


I see.

So it’s just herb collecting.


“How long are we talking about?”


“Three days for a round trip. You will need to camp outside, but it’s much safer than the forest. So it is good for practice. Still, it might be good to form a party…”


That sounded perfect.

But I did feel like I’ve been doing a lot of herb gathering recently… Well, if he said it was safe, then I would do it.


“Alright, I’ll accept the quest. As for a party…I don’t have anyone to party up with now, so I’ll think about it later.”


“As a B-rank Scout, there should be no end to people who want you to join them…”


“Well, I also have my slimes. I’ll consider joining a party when I go someplace that is too dangerous to be alone in.”


“…Very well.”


And like that, I accepted the quest and returned to the inn.

Even I wouldn’t go on a three-day trip right after pulling an all-nighter.


…So tomorrow it was. I would finally do my first proper quest as an Adventurer.

I hoped that things would go smoothly.

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