Tensei Kenja – 117


“Still, we should have rejected the order. I don’t care how much they are paying us. It won’t mean anything if we’re dead. I’d rather rob or abduct people.”


“…We would be killed for sure if we went against the Blue Moon of Salvation. We’d have a better chance of survival provoking the Fire Dragon.”


Apparently, the people carrying the barrels were just hired by the Blue Moon of Salvation.

Still, they were clearly criminals already.


…That was fortunate.

I could take them down without worrying.


“But these barrels are damn heavy. Why can’t we just use water from some river?”


“It’s special water. But they didn’t tell me why it was special.”


“…We’re carrying it without knowing anything about it?”


The man said as he slapped the barrel in irritation.

The barrel had the words ‘Bijia Wine’ painted on them—but it definitely wasn’t filled with wine.


It was likely filled with some dangerous liquid that the Blue Moon of Salvation had created.

Their goal was probably to make the Fire Dragon attack the town before it went away.


Or perhaps they just wanted it to go on a destructive rampage in the area.

It wasn’t perfectly clear, but the Blue Moon of Salvation always wanted to do things that caused a lot of death. 

So sending an A-Rank monster into the town seemed like the kind of thing they would do.


Well, these guys were like disposable thugs. So they were mostly just following orders instead of having any plan.


“We kill people we don’t know and smuggle secret things. …Isn’t that what we always do?”


“That’s true. Let’s just hope we survive this one.”


“Aye. …Hey, why don’t we practice throwing these heavy barrels while we can?”


They said as they continued on their way to the volcanic mountain.

They would likely die if I left them alone. But they might just succeed at throwing the barrels at the Fire Dragon.


…I better stop them then.

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  1. I bet those barrels actually have wine in them, but a kind that the dragon would hate (poor quality, watered down and such). Time for some slime action, or in this case, slime action, with a hat(or more, I still don’t know if that item duplicates itself).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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