Jack of all Trades – 321


“Ah, by the way… How long are you two staying this time?”

“Oh, just for tonight.”


“We will be leaving tomorrow.”


I didn’t know why she was so surprised… However, we had a good reason to be in a rush this time. I wished that we could take things easy, but there was no helping it.

“Sorry. Oh, right. Daniela and I were just about to go get some dinner. Do you want to come too?”

“Uhh. Definitely!”

“Good. Now, where can we go…”

“Asagi. Asagi.”

“Hmm? What, Daniela?”

“That bar over there has been emitting the most appetizing smell for a while. I am about to go mad.”

Daniela said as she pointed to the guild bar. Well, she wasn’t wrong.

“But, uh. Wouldn’t you prefer to go to a nice place?”

“Asagi, guild bars are not as bad as you might think. Besides, food that is loved by commoners is always good.”

Ah, I understood what she meant. I liked eating at cheap franchises as much as anyone else… Oh, I could really use a beef bowl right about now!

“Then it is settled. Is that fine with you, Miss Nanaya?”

“Yes! I’m actually quite fond of this place!”

And so the three of us crossed the entrance hall and entered the bar area. The voices grew even louder. Yes, very loud. Fun.

I scanned the area, but only the counter had empty seats. The tables were all filled with Adventurers. And so we moved to the counter. Me, Daniela, and Nanaya. And then we ordered.

“I’ll have some fruit wine and whatever that is that I can smell right now.”

“I will have the same.”

“And I’ll have some ale and the same food they ordered!”

“Nanaya. How unusual for you to sit and eat with Adventurers. Alright, just wait one moment!”

The bartender quickly poured us our drinks first.

“To the town reopening. Cheers!”



The glasses clinked, and we drank. Ahh. The taste of fruit was great!

“Mmmgg…mggg… Ahhh!”

I wiped my mouth and turned to the side. Miss Nanaya had finished her drink in one go.

“Uh, are you alright?”

“I’m fine! Bartender! Another!”


He didn’t stop her. And another glass was slammed onto the counter as if it had been prepared in advance. Miss Nanaya immediately reached out for it and she drained it in one gulp.

“Should we stop her…”

“She should be fine. And if the worst happens, I will be happy to shove the responsibility onto the bartender.”

“You’re heartless…”

Besides, her getting drunk was bad news for my safety.

“By the way, where’s the Guild Master? I mean, he can drink, right?”

“Ah, Mister Kiralika is quite busy. You know, due to that monster that has appeared in the forest.”

“The Paralyze Viper? Is it that strong?”

“As the name suggests, it has a very dangerous paralysis attack. And there are not many people here who have gear with paralysis resistance.”

I didn’t have any either. My equipment was chosen to help maximize my attacks. Monsters with paralysis attacks were rare. So it couldn’t really be helped.

“More merchants visit us now that the Loup-garou is gone. But we still have shortages of certain supplies.”

“I guess word hasn’t spread far enough yet. This is pretty bad timing.”

“That’s exactly it! It would be such a relief if some Adventurers with aliases hunted them down, don’t you agree?”

She said as she glanced towards me. I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Well, I’m sure it will be fine. After all, if it comes to it, Mister Kiralika said he would go himself.”

“That’s a relief then. Wasn’t he called ‘Flamethunder’? He can use fire and thunder magic. Crazy.”

A high-power thunder arrow and fire magic that affected a wide area. Putting those two together was a lethal combination.

“Thunder magic is scary.”

“So is fire magic.”

“Mister Kiralika is a real threat in combat!”

Well, I wouldn’t want to provoke him then. Let him do his job.

“Here’s your food!”

“Ah, finally.”

“I nearly died of starvation.”

“It looks so good!”

The plates that were set in front of us were meat dishes. They were seasoned with a variety of spices, which really went to show how Yukka was thriving. After all in spite of what he said, they were able to serve stuff like this. 

“Let’s eat.”


“You’re so fast, Miss Daniela!”

By the time I first touched my fork and knife, Daniela was already chewing a piece of meat. She must have been really hungry…

I looked at her with a little exasperation. Of course, it wasn’t as if she would care. And so I focused on my own plate.


The herbs, spices and juices filled my mouth. The more I chewed, the more it flowed mercilessly over my tongue.


I washed it down with the fruit wine in order to refresh my mouth. But my tongue still wanted more meat. It was addictive. And so I alternated between the meat and the wine until the plate was scraped clean.

“Ahhh… Damn, that was good…”

“Bartender. I will have another plate.”

“I want more ale!”

“Uh, I’ll take more wine and meat too!”


We chatted lightly during the dinner, but it really wasn’t necessary. What more did you need when you had meat? Meat was life. Eat up!

Before I knew it, Daniela and I were groaning as we sat back in our chairs. Miss Nanaya had gotten in drunk enough to wander off and pester the other Adventurers. It was hell on earth…

“Uh…is it just me…or have we been eating way too much recently…?”

“Yes…perhaps the liberation frontlines have ruined us for good…”

“Mister Asaaagi! If you’re tired, you can always sleep with me!”

Miss Nanaya held a glass in her hand as she approached. I was not in the mood for this. Damn it. Give me a break…

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