Cave King – 127


“In that case, will you relate my words to our father?”

“I’m sure I will talk to him about it when we return. However, I am going to tell him exactly what I experienced.”

“I don’t mind that. However, if he is against it, he should know that we are prepared to fight.”

“I see… Very well. I will tell him of your resolve.”

“Thank you. I am counting on you.”

I said, and Balpas bowed.

“Well, leave it to me. …So, now that the misunderstanding is out of the way, why don’t you give me a tour of the island! I bet you have many beautiful women here! What about that dark haired one who had been looking at you with a worried expression?”

Balpas leered at Rienna and then waved his hand.

Rienna looked a little relieved as she waved back. She probably thought that we had made peace.

However, I continued to look at Balpas with a serious expression.

“Brother. I’m sorry, but you will have to stay by the storage house until the ship is ready to sail.”

“Wh-what! Why won’t you let me see the rest of the island?”

“Indeed. Since you have refrained from telling me the truth…”

“…Fine. Well, I’m sure you have your reasons. I won’t force you.”

“Thank you. I’ll have some food prepared for you all, and treatment of the crew will continue.”

“Aye, thank you. However, we’ll want someone to pass messages between us. How about that dark haired girl…”

Balpas turned his head in order to catch another glimpse of Rienna.

However, that’s when it happened. Someone was trying to jump onto Balpas.

It was the bearded and heavy Mappa… No, it was the Golem that looked like a female Mappa that had been made of Ryukin.

From what I remembered, everyone called it Macha…

Macha was known to be incredibly restless, as if she were Mappa’s twin.

Furthermore, she would try to kiss every man she laid eyes on, and was feared by all the men on the island.

More and more people were starting to lock their doors in the caves. And some said it was because of Macha. Something about her trying to sneak into your room at night…

Of course, Mappa was furious.

However, Macha had a strong personality, and would slap Mappa’s bottom to drive him away when he got too close. She was not the kind of woman who could be controlled by the likes of Mappa.

As Macha held on tight to Balpas’s arm, she rubbed up against him.

The lecherous expression fell right off of his face and was replaced by a pale one.

“What is this hairy creature!?”

Balpas howled. Baris replied.

“I see. Miss Macha. You will be our messenger?”

Macha reddened and then nodded.

“Oh, uh, nevermind. We don’t need a messenger… If something happens, I’ll ask a random…he-hey…”

With a happy expression, Macha began to lead Balpas by the arm towards the storage house.

Perhaps Balpas had sensed danger. Still, Macha was not the kind of person to actually do anything by force.

…Well, maybe it was still dangerous. Perhaps I should station guards there, just in case.

Baris watched Balpas being dragged away and then turned to me.

“Hmm. It seems like he won’t speak the truth.”

“Indeed. I suspect he’ll try to gather as much information as possible about this island before he leaves.”

“You are going to allow them to leave?”

“I want my father to know what my will is. I’ll give Balpas a letter when they leave. If it’s a matter of money, I am willing to negotiate.”

“I see. In that case, while we’ll keep guards on them, we should also be hospitable. Especially with food.”

“I’ll leave that to you. I have work to do with reclaiming more land. So I’ll be on the surface for a while. At least until the ship is repaired.”

“You can leave it to us, you know? We will watch them.”

“No. You never know what might happen. Besides, Oren is dangerous.”

I stared at the storage house.

While he clearly hated it, Oren had obeyed my order to help with the wounded.

However, ever since landing, he had stayed in the storage house quietly.

Baris must have sensed Oren’s magic as well, as he said to me,

“Hmm. Yes, he does have immense energy… However, I still think I or even Rienna could handle him.”

“That’s true. But he’s too unpredictable…”

His emotions changed so violently. You never knew when he would lose his temper. You couldn’t let your guard down.

Baris saw how serious my expression was, and he nodded reassuringly.

“I understand. I will tell everyone to stay on their guard. We’ll repair the ship as quickly as possible and send them on their way.”

“Yes, thank you.”

In any case, I was able to put them all in the same spot where we could keep our eyes on them. We just had to keep them there until they could leave.

I looked at the magic energy sitting there in a corner in the storage house, and braced myself for what might come.

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