Makai Hongi – 67


She was close to the Garuda, but still different. And so her race was a mystery to me.

However, I was just told that she was incredibly wise.

“…So, where should I wait in the meantime?”

I wanted to take my reward and leave. But I knew she would just get angry again if I brought it up, and so I decided to kill time somewhere while they discussed things.

“What are you going on about?”

“I don’t mind wandering around the outside of the mansion.”

“I mind. You will attend the council as well.”

“Why? I’m just a Commander. And an Ogre.”

“You met with and spoke to Miralda. And so you can give us advice as well. Don’t worry, I won’t expect too much from an Ogre. Just answer when I ask you a question.”

Apparently, there was no getting out of this one.

“…Very well. But I’m sure that my opinions won’t be of any use.”

Regardless, I was to attend.

Aside from the Vampires, all the others who were in the room were of the stronger races.

Or so I thought at first. But then I saw a Rakshasa.

Rakshasa and Ogres were part of the same race, but to be honest, we were about as different as dobermanns and pomeranians.

And of course, it was we Ogres that were the pomeranians.

It was said that the beginning of the Rakshasa was the birth of an origin-type, who had gone on to wreak havoc all over the land.

Armies were sent to defeat it, but it survived and left descendants. And now they were established as their own tribe.

They were incredibly strong compared to other demon-types.

On the other hand, Felicia had a mystical appearance that made her look like some kind of bird deity.

I still didn’t know what race she was, but it was possible she was also an origin-type.

In any case, if she was the one suggesting strategies of war, she must be very clever.

And such people were rare in the Demon World.

Aside from them, Imalis also stood out among those who were present.

She had an incredible amount of mana.

On the other hand, I was the only one there who had very low mana.

When the General practically dragged me into the room, all of their heads had turned to me.

“What is that?”

Their expressions seemed to ask.

However, since the General herself brought me in, no one said anything. Though, they continued to stare daggers at me.

Now if I were some kind of degenerate, I might have found the situation rather exciting. But I wasn’t.

And so the meeting was a very uncomfortable start for me.

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