Makai Hongi – 37


“To the forest. I believe they are going to set up an anti-cavalry palisade.”

That was Rig for you. He understood exactly what I wanted to know.

“So, they will also need stone.”

“Yes. They are gathering the materials now. I believe they will start building it by tomorrow.”

“It would be best to crush them before then…”

They were probably too afraid to attack until their base was finished.

Running up the hill and fighting us. It would be so much more comforting if they knew that they could retreat to their own base if they lost the advantage.

This would be difficult without a base. There would be no safety at the bottom of the hill.

So they might even have to keep running.

On the other hand, if we were the ones to attack, it would be harder for them to defend themselves without a proper base.

“They probably want to complete their base before fighting. However, we would be foolish to wait until then. You two idiots. You better be prepared.”

We would attack them before they could finish it.

“Oh? We’re going to fight?”

“How exciting. My first battle.”

“You two will be coming with me.”

Saifo and Beka were worthy additions to our fighting force.

However, it was their first battle. And you never knew what would happen. It would be best if they stayed close to me.

I had a few ideas for dealing with different situations, but as for whether they would work, that depended on the enemy.

I would have to deal with it with my own abilities if they failed. Regardless, they would probably be fine as long as they stuck close to me.

“But won’t the enemy be expecting us?”

Rig asked with a note of concern.

“I’m sure they have their guard up. And that can’t be helped. We still need to attack them before they finish. Besides, their forces are divided now.”

The anti-cavalry palisade wasn’t just to stop horses. It would block us as well.

Its presence would have a big effect on how difficult the battle would be.

No matter how strong our assault is, if there is a wall there, it will take time to get over it.

And this was a world of magic. The moment your feet stopped moving, you would be shot down.

“Are you all ready?”


As always, I couldn’t quite tell if they were enthusiastic or not by their reply.

If I told them to charge, they would do so happily. That’s what ogres were like. Incomprehensible.

“What about you, Painy?”

“Yes. I am fine. We Reapers will fight as if marching to our deaths.”

“That might be going a little too far. Just follow my orders.”

“We will. Even if we die in the process!”


No, I just wanted them to move as I told them to. Were they even listening?

I switched gears and looked at the ogres… They looked back with expressions full of expectation.

They were waiting for my order.

Well, I suppose we had to go then. If everything went well, it would end here.

“All of you… Charge!”


They shouted. And then they all jumped forward as if this were a race.

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