Makai Hongi – 38

Chapter 38


The enemy boss was a Gigant Centaur. I wondered how it would compare to the Taiga that I had fought last time.

I was pretty sure that the Gigant Centaur would be stronger.

In the first place, Centaurs had all the mobility of horses while also boasting monstrous strength.

Sometimes, they would have a weapon in one hand and wear armor and use a shield.

They were very difficult opponents when it came to battle.

And since this one was of the highest rank, all of its abilities would be at their peak.

That’s what I was facing. I needed a plan.

“Left. You’re lagging. Run faster.”


Compared to those who ran in the center, the ogres to the left and right were falling behind.

It was no wonder. They were carrying some heavy equipment.

—That is, the anti-cavalry palisades.

The reason that I thought of this method was that the ogres with ‘increased arm strength’ were walking while carrying these ‘already made anti-cavalry palisades’ in order to raise the defenses of the base.

These palisades were partially buried in the ground and were supposed to stop the enemy while they charged.

In most cases, rocks were used to keep them in place so that they didn’t move.

But for some reason, they were carrying the palisades as they walked.

“Well, it’s ogres. Perhaps that’s not so strange after all.”

It was a blindspot. Or perhaps I was too bound by ideas of what was normal in my past life.

I had assumed that you put the parts together on location, but they were just cutting down trees and wrapping barbed wire around them.

And it was while I watched the ogres carrying them that I had an idea.

It would be difficult to defeat a Gigant Centaur.

Event if you somehow overwhelmed them with power, they would just run away when the tide turned against them.

And if they decided to run, they would definitely get away.

So, what could you do?

I looked at the ogres to the right and left.

“They…are able to run while carrying those palisades made of logs.”

The palisades were huge, and yet the ogres were carrying them as they ran.

With these, we could block the escape route of the Gigant Centaur.

“We’re in their camp now. The enemy is right in front of us.”

The enemy must have been very surprised.

It was unlikely that they had ever experienced something like this. We were charging into them while carrying anti-cavalry palisades. Hell, I had never seen anything like it either. 

Like the name suggested, the Gigant Centaur was huge. Enormous.

I didn’t even have to look for it.

“Surround him!”

The anti-cavalry palisades were set into place on the right and left sides of the Gigant Centaur.

In Shogi, I would be the silver general. I could only move around by one square.

The enemy weren’t bishops, but knights. 

Under normal conditions, I wouldn’t think that we could win.

And so we surrounded him. Surrounded it and got rid of its mobility.

“This is good.”

I laughed with confidence.

Painy and the other Reapers, who had followed me, went around the palisades and to the back of the Gigant Centaur.

The idiot siblings were protecting my back.

They also dealt with any enemies that came around.

And like that, the encircling net was complete.

The enemy was looking at us with a suspicious expression. He was very cautious.

This was the only part of the battlefield that was quiet. The ogres were wreaking havoc on the rest of it.


Makai Hongi

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