Makai Hongi – 38


I didn’t know which side was winning, but we had inferior numbers. The longer this was drawn out, the more we’d be at a disadvantage.

And so I had to end it quickly.

As I stood in front of the Gigant Centaur, the Reapers behind me began to move.

Painy’s special abilities included ‘Headhunter,’ ‘Terror,’ and of course, ‘One-hit kill.’

Headhunter was a move that allowed you to behead someone weaker than you, which meant it could not be used here.

It was the same with ‘One-hit kill,’ as the success rate was much too low.

And so I ordered them to use ‘Terror.’

It was a basic ability that nearly all evil spirit types used.

When I had told Painy to use it, she looked very annoyed. Apparently, hardly anyone used it.

I see. So that meant that even a user like Painy did not know the true horrors of ‘Terror.’

In the first place, residents of the Demon World were so dense when it came to special abilities. They just saw it as ‘power that they just happened to have.’ It was a waste.

They don’t really care to test how big the effect, the range, and what they can and can’t do with it.

“Do it!”

I said. And all at once, the Reapers unleashed ‘Terror.’

Most people just thought of ‘Terror’ as an ability that made you feel fear.

That wasn’t wrong, but it was more than that.

They didn’t know that the person who unleashed ‘Terror’ could choose an image they wanted to project.

Of course, part of this was because the only way for this to work, was if both sides had the same perceptions.

What the Reaper imagined had to line up with what the enemy imagined, or it would not be effective.

And so usually, it just resulted in imparting a vague sense of fear. As far as I could see, this was negligence. 

All you needed to do was to understand their perception and send it.

For instance, something well known, like the Reapers’ ‘One-hit kill.’


The Gigant Centaur’s face contorted.

‘Terror’ was causing it to think about ‘One-hit kill.’ There were twenty Reapers. In other words, Terror was being used twenty times over.

There was no one in this land who was ignorant of the reason that the Reapers were persecuted.

How could they not? ‘One-hit kill’ was so powerful that it took down a Demon King.

And now it would be all the Gigant Centaur could think about.

“The success rate of ‘One-hit kill’ is incredibly low. Still, Reapers are high-ranking. For someone like you, is there a one percent chance? Lower? Still, with twenty of them, they are quite a threat.”

Of course, right now they were just sending an image. He would not die.

However, the Gigant Centaur looked pale.

On its sides were the anti-cavalry palisades made from giant trees. Behind him were the group of Reapers. And in front of him…was me.

So, here was the problem. If he wanted to get out of this situation, what would he choose?

There was only one answer. He had to defeat me and escape.

Well, of course he would do that. We were leading him to that decision.

(Come on. I’m counting on you.)

I called to the other me.

Gigant Centaurs were all about physical strength. There was no way that I could beat it like this.

And so I would leave my body to the other me.

Up until this point, everything was going according to plan.

–Now, it was just up to…me.

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  1. Thanks for the great chappie!!!!

    Mathwise if the reapers individually had a 1% chance to OHKO the gigant centaur then 20 of them would have a approximately 18.21% to kill on the first try, 33.10% on the second try, and 45.28% on the third try.

  2. In fact, the abilities of the Reapers are all very impractical.
    You really have to be creative for the exploited. It’s amazing that none of them thought about it before Golan. Unlike ogres, they are not atavistic fools.

  3. Thanks for the chapter, I am not really a fan of dual personality, so I hope the author does something about it in the future, nice development so far.

    • The other half definitely isn’t pleased with the current arrangement. So the author has certainly left the plot thread of something happening. But then again the personality gimmick is this stories MCs core power up (i.e. like dual wielding was for kirito in sao, or how power rangers transfrom into the suits)

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