Makai Hongi – 39

Chapter 39


I slowly opened my eyes. 

“…Oh, this guy looks strong.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

The highest rank of Centaur. What worthy prey.

“Recently, I’ve been getting more time. But I suppose it won’t be enough time to tear it to shreds.”

Still, what an amazing stage the other me has set.

It was perfect for a one on one fight.

He went through all of that trouble. I can’t complain about there not being enough time.

One of the men behind me handed me a spear.

When I held it, I felt that it was solid and heavy.

“Isn’t this the anti-Vampire spear?”

Nehyor had not been serious during that recent fight.

He hadn’t used magic and he did not fly.

Well, maybe flying wouldn’t have been much use in that room.

Depending on how I did, there may be more opportunities to fight in the future.

And so that was why the other me prepared this stone spear.

The special ability, ‘Rock throw,’ enhanced your strength when throwing rocks and boulders, while also raising accuracy.

Did the shape not matter as long as it was made of rock? Well, he had tried sharpening it as a test, and there was apparently no problem.

He really did think of interesting things.

“This is a good distance to throw.”

With my strength and ‘Rock throw,’ it won’t be difficult to pierce the enemy in front of me.

One. Two. Every time I threw one of them, more spears were prepared behind me.

A lot of them had been made for the next fight with Nehyor. It was almost amusing how smoothly they seemed to get sucked into the enemy.

Even as it hesitated over my sudden increase in mana, I continued to throw.

I was clearly making things very difficult for it. Oh, I hit his hind leg again.

Now there was one in his arm, shoulder and stomach each. And two in his hindlegs. So, what will he do now?

Oh, he’s leaning forward. Is he going to charge? Good. Bring it on.

Yes, it’s a charge after all. So, it’s ‘Ram’ then… Or so I thought, but right before we collided, he jumped up in the air.

Hey, where are you going? Oh, he’s running away.

Before I could chase him, the Gigant Centaur began to run through the battlefield and return to the center of his camp.

“Ah… He’s out of sight now.”

And right after that, the enemy forces began to withdraw. They were retreating.

“…So, he got away?”

Asked Corps Commander Nehyor during that night’s meeting. ‘So, how do you feel?’ he continued.

“I am sincerely sorry.”

I had not expected him to abandon his men and run away. The boss. The Gigant Centaur had chosen to retreat.

His men had frantically followed after him.

After they had retreated for about a kilometer, they regrouped.

Our losses were quite low, but letting him escape was still a big blow.

After all, we could not use the same tactic again.

“Still, it was quite impressive. That throwing. A lot of them hit him, didn’t they?”

“Were you watching?”

“Yes. Bian’s subordinates were.”

Bian was a flying eagle, and everyone in his tribe could fly.

“Yes, it was very impressive. Those were for me, weren’t they? Last time that we fought, I told you that I could fly. And you were deep in thought.”


Makai Hongi

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