Makai Hongi – 298

Chapter 298

The image I had of Yamato was starting to crumble.
I had really just thought of him as a ‘great man.’

After all, he was the strongest person in the Demon World. The only Lesser High King to ever exist.

In the past and future, from east to west, he alone had achieved that dream of becoming a Lesser High King, when so many other Great Demon Kings had failed.
The first and the strongest. That was Yamato.

But now I was starting to see him as someone who was very difficult to deal with.
For instance, if you consider the timeline, there was no way that Yamato could have gone to the Human World.

Because Zeus had already built the barrier around it.
He had closed off the Human World in exchange for his own life.

Zeus was the strongest man in the Celestial World…that was my understanding.
At least, he should be close to it.

And he had died making that barrier.
Clearly, he was a stubborn man. And that barrier had never been broken.

And then there was Zeus’s partner, Hera.
Hera wanted to bring Zeus back to life, and so targeted Yamato’s Orb of Control.

There was a great invasion from the Celestial World, and the Demon World became a battlefield.
And in what would be a decisive battle, Yamato and Hera vanished in some place between time and space… Or so it was said.

“And so how did he appear in the Human World?”
It exceeded my own understanding.

Regardless, something must have happened that allowed him to come down here.
My guess was that after he came here, he found the residents of the Demon World who had been left behind.

And then he made this world in order to protect them.
“By using the body of the deceased Zeus…”

It was crazy. Who would think of doing something like that?
The structure of this world was likely also stol…borrowed from Zeus’s barrier.

This Other World. Much like the Personifications, it was likely something invented in the Celestial World.
The fact that Yamato had seemingly succeeded easily meant that he must be quite the tough character.

“I can’t wait to meet him.”
I was very curious to see what he was like. Very much so.

Now, how long would it take me to reach the Field of Everlasting Spring?
I asked Pojun, and he said that it would take forty days.

That was a lot longer than I was expecting.
If we departed from the Sealed Tomb, we would arrive at the Coast of Everlasting Summer in around ten days.

And if we followed the coast we would eventually arrive at a place called the Descendant Library in ten days.

This library was near the center of the Coast of Everlasting Summer.
Here, information of the races that lived in the Other World was collected and managed.

So there was also a manager, and a place to keep the Personifications.

After leaving the Descendant Library, we would have to travel another ten days before reaching the Field of Everlasting Spring.
And then it was another ten days to the Crystal Palace where Yamato was.

So that was forty days for just getting there.
I could not help but feel that it was very long.

“Alright, I’m going now.”

I took Juga the Redhat and left the Sealed Tomb.

Before leaving, he told me that this tomb was used to hold the remains of those who contributed to the Other World, or achieved something great in the Human World.

When I said that I wanted to have a look, he told me that it was sealed with a similar art that was used to protect this world.

But when I asked him about whose remains rested there, I heard the names of great historic figures.
This is why they say that truth is stranger than fiction.

“The road will be gentle for quite some time.”
Juga said as I looked at our surroundings.

Everywhere I looked, pampas grass was blowing in the wind.
This really was the place of autumn.

Autumn in Japan was much like this.
I didn’t know if I felt nostalgic or not.

Perhaps there weren’t even fields like this in Japan anymore.

I remember traveling to Hakone once, and seeing a cluster of pampas grass.
But it was nothing compared to how far they stretched out here.

Juga was hopping around and walking oddly.
Like a child who was trying to avoid puddles.

“Hey, Juga. Pojun said that there weren’t many high-rankers in this world. Do you know how many there are?”

It was a strange question, but even in the Demon World, they were hardly the majority.
So I wanted to know how few there actually were.

“If we’re talking about the Forest of Everlasting Autumn, then I only know of a few. But the Coast of Everlasting Spring is filled with fighters, so there must be quite a lot of them there.”

“I see. So those who like to fight will go where battle is more likely. But how come they haven’t started fighting each other?”
It was bound to be filled with people who believed themselves to be the strongest.

“Vargan the Phantom Light Dragon and Noshe the Fang Crush Dragon live in the Coast of Everlasting Summer. No one is as strong as those two.”

I had never heard of either of those races.
But they were likely special evolutions.

And Dragons were usually obsessed with fighting.
If there were two such people, then perhaps it was no wonder that the others stayed in line.

“So, it’s this Vargan and Noshe who are the leaders of the rebels?”

“Yes. Noshe is a descendant of a Dragon that the humans once worshipped. And that’s where his sense of worth derives. And so he desperately wants to visit the Human World in his current form.”

His current form. In other words, he wanted to be worshipped as a Dragon, not as some imitation of a human body.
Just like his ancestor.

“And Vargan?”
“He often speaks about wanting to eat as many humans as he can.”

Oh, so he was an evil Dragon.

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