Makai Hongi – 299

Chapter 299

Juga and I had left the Sealed Tomb.
And we traveled slowly through the field of pampas grass.

“I’m going to move around a bit.”
“Huh? What?”
As for me, I still wasn’t used to this body—this Personification.

Without waiting for a reply, I dashed out into the field. When I looked behind me, I saw Juga had an expression of shock.

I felt like I did after evolving.
Like my soul didn’t know how much power I was able to use.

And so I ran around and jumped as a way of taking the body for a test drive.

“My physical capabilities are definitely a little worse than before. Moving around feels comfortable enough, but the results just don’t match up.”

If I ran at my fastest, I could not reach the speeds I used to be able to. I was a little slower.
That being said, it wasn’t too big an inconvenience. I could live with it.

“It likely has to do with the durability of this body. It’s almost like there is a wind blowing against me when I run.”
“But that was more than impressive. I’d expect no less from someone who is the ‘Annihilator of Rebels.”
He said, when I returned.

“What the…annihilator of rebels? I’ve never heard that before.”

“I just thought of it right now. Since you’re going to the Coast of Everlasting Summer, shouldn’t you have an intimidating name? And so I thought of one that will make them shake in their boots.”

Juga said with a smug expression.

“You really think that it’s cool?”
It had been a while since I heard something so embarrassing.

“Of course, I do. Why wouldn’t I?”
“Alright. And why do I need such a foolish name?”
We weren’t playing here.

“Once you cross the border, you will be completely unknown. And so it’s convenient to have a name that fits your strength. And it would be better to name yourself, before they have a chance to give you a worse one.”

I suppose I would look weak because of this body. I wasn’t sure.
That being said, what could be worse than the name he just gave me?

“When it comes to Personifications, you won’t be able to tell how strong a person is. Of course, only the high-rankers can have their souls transferred. But it’s still better to have a descriptive name.”

“Hmmm. I’m not sure.”
It was true that I would have trouble seeing how much mana a person had here.

Even more than I did in my previous body.
On the other hand, they would not know how strong I was.

After all, this body didn’t release any mana into the air.
Still, did that warrant giving myself a painful name…I don’t think that it did.

“By the way, Old Pojun told me that I should tell you about the Coast of Everlasting Summer while we travel.”

“Oh. Yes. It would be very helpful if you told me everything that you know.”

It was going to be a long journey, after all.
Instead of just walking, we could talk. It would make the journey so much better.

“Very well. That being said, I can only tell you about the area where I actually lived.”
“That’s fine. …So, what kind of place was it?”

“Hmm. Compared to the Forest of Everlasting Autumn, it was unbearably hot.”
“That’s no surprise. But there are some races that prefer the heat.”

“However, it wasn’t humid, which was nice. The sunlight is very strong, and the sun can be seen for the whole day.”

Now that I thought about it, the Forest of Everlasting Autumn had been quite cloudy.
There was something appealing about that as well, but I also like the idea of basking in the bright rays of the sun.

“So the sky is clear for the whole year round. …And it’s a ten day walk to it, right? So what is it like near the border?”

“The border? There is a wall of white mist that reaches high up into the air. But it doesn’t block your path, so you can walk right through it.”

“A wall of white mist… I wonder how that works.”
Perhaps it was like those things used in refrigerators that prevent the cold air from escaping.

“I don’t know any of the details in terms of how it works. I’m sorry. However, after walking for about a hundred meters within the mist, the season will change. And the temperature will shoot up.”

“So the mist is blocking out the heat. This sounds like it will be a very interesting experience.”
The seasons changed as you walked. Even the Demon World hadn’t had any places like that.

“Once you leave the mist and walk a little farther, you will be able to see the sea. Land would be on the left side, while the sea would be on the right. And we’ll just follow the road that stretches along the coast.”
“I see. So there is a road.”

After that, I continued to hear all kinds of things. Juga was born in the Coast of Everlasting Summer, and so he knew a lot.
The conversations tended to branch out, and as we continued our journey, I learned a lot about this Other World.

“Do you think we could get through without meeting the rebels?”

They were the problem. The rebel force that lived in the Coast of Everlasting Summer.
Pojun had been quite worried, as there were a lot of them gathered there now.

And most of them were races that liked to fight. And so I would prefer it if I didn’t meet them.

“Hmm. I think that is quite unlikely. While Vargan and Noshe are in the Hollow Cave, there are many others who are not.”

“Right. Well, if we do meet them. Do you think that we will make it out unharmed?”
“That all depends on you, Sir Golan. I think we should be fine if you bow your head and say that you won’t go against them… Will you do that?”

It was much like the Demon World.
The hierarchy was determined almost entirely by strength.

If you wanted to do your own thing, you had to show your power. It was easy to understand.
And it was the same here.

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  1. If he wants a different name then how about Golan the Mad? It fits him since he always does insane things that you wouldn’t expect someone of his rank to do.

    Eh mist walls? So this place is like a Soulsbourne game.

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