Makai Hongi – 39


He figured it out then.

Lobos was staring at me with his mouth wide open.

“Well…you’re not wrong.”

There was no point in lying here. And so I told him the truth.

“If you can pierce a Gigant Centaur so many times like that… Well, they’ll probably go right through me. How threatening. Did you think of it after you returned to the village?”


Why was he bullying me?

“They already retreated. And it’s unlikely they’ll return unless they have a good plan.”

Was that Gigant Centaur a Commander? Or a Corps Commander?

Judging by the scale of the army, he was probably a Commander.

An army would crumble if their Commander was killed, and so they would not come back unless they had complete confidence.

The enemy wasn’t stupid. And they knew that their Taiga had been killed by an Ogre the last time.

That’s why they had returned with a stronger lineup.

However, the limit of our strength was unknown to them. Perhaps they had told the Gigant Centaur…

–If you feel even a little danger, run.

If the battlefront crumbled, then their plan would be ruined.

That must be the reason for their retreat.

Ours had been such a good plan. But it had ended in failure.

What should I do now? The damage will be great if we just charge like idiots. I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Well, Lobos lost as well. So you can share the pain. We’ll do the same thing tomorrow. Fight them if they attack.”

The meeting ended then. There were no changes to our strategy.

Currently, my camp was about three kilometers away from the enemy.

It wasn’t very far at all, however, as both sides were watching each other closely, we could not do anything too bold.

Still, as we were camped on the lookout hill, we had an advantage.

Would the Gigant Centaur come out? I doubted it.

We may have to play the waiting game tomorrow.

As I had predicted, the enemy showed no signs of moving the next day.

“Three kilometers is such an uncomfortable distance.”

From what I heard, Lobos was having trouble in the center, but if I went and helped him, we might be attacked from both sides.

If the distance between us and the army was five or ten kilometers, we would be able to move freely. But the enemy wasn’t that stupid.

“We’ll just have to wait and see.”

I squinted from the top of the hill. But the Gigant Centaur was nowhere in sight.

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    • 3 kilometers seems pretty far to try doing that. if they were half a kilometer away it wouuld be far fetched but not outside the realm of possibility. or perhaps if they planned to keep the siege going for a year, but while i expect them to have a trick up their sleeve…tuneling seems doubtful.

      perhaps they are setting up artillery, or they are gathering creatures immune to physical damage to counter the MC and his ogres? a more powerful version of the wraiths that slaughtered the ogres last time?

      • We are in a world with magic, if there is a suitable spell, they can quickly dig into the MC’s camps, but what next? In reality, the tunnels are used to break down the walls, this hastily built camp has none. And tumbling out of a hole in the middle of the pond, it’s just a good way to get killed.
        For artillery, 3 kilometers is a lot. A modern piece (i.e. minimum WW1) can do this, but not mechanical force weapons like trebuchets. Then again, there is magic, but if demons had magic that works like modern artillery, they would use it in a positional war like this.

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