Makai Hongi – 10


The Celestial World would surely invade us again. And so we needed to become stronger…and that was the beginning of Gekokujyo.


We could have been attacked by any of the other countries.

That was careless of me. After all, the strength of the boss varied depending on which country they were from.


For instance, our country was one of the smaller ones in the Demon World.


—The country of Melvis, the Lesser Demon King.


That was what they called this country that I lived in.

As for ‘Lesser Demon King,’ that was the title that was written on the Tablet of Control. You could not choose your own title.


Lesser Demon King, Demon King, Great Demon King, and then Lesser High King, High King.

High King was the title given to the one who united the Demon World under his rule, and it was said that no one would ever hold this title.


In fact, currently, there was only one Lesser High King, and he had been thrown somewhere beyond space and time, and so no one could obey him or defeat him.


So, that left the two Great Demon Kings who had the largest forces. Other than them, there were eight Demon Kings. There would have been nine if not for the invasion from the Celestial World.

Aside from them, there were a few dozen Lesser Demon Kings.


As I said earlier, Demon Kings were not allowed to go around and change their titles.

There was no point in saying what was not written on the Tablet of Control.


Apparently, the Tablet of Control was connected to the Orb of Control, and there was no fooling it.


In other words, if you wanted to become a Lesser Demon King, you had to have many subordinates and gather power through the use of an Orb of Control.

So it was no wonder that Gekokujyo became so common.


However, and this was where it got complicated, there were over a hundred Lesser Demon King names written on the Tablet of Control.


That meant there were lots of Lesser Demon Kings who didn’t have their own country.

What did this mean?


—They were working for other Demon Kings or Lesser Demon Kings.


Even with countries ruled by a Lesser Demon King, there was a huge difference in strength. There were some countries where there was just one Lesser Demon King, and some where the Lesser Demon King had up to three or four Lesser Demon Kings serving him.


Of course, these subordinate Lesser Demon Kings called themselves generals.

And so those who would have been generals then had to be called Corps Commanders.


So all of the ranks had to slide downward.

Depending on the size and strength of a country, someone who was just a Commander could be as strong as a Corps Commander. And I thought it was very likely that the Commander I was currently facing, was such a case.


Perhaps this country we were fighting, was ruled by someone powerful enough to have multiple Lesser Demon Kings under him.


“Still, if their Commander is as strong as our Corps Commander… This is ridiculous.”


So, what should we do?


Did I really have to fight it?

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Hello. I have some unfortunate news. Ryusousha will not be getting regular releases for a while. The author has decided to pull that series for some serious editing and I have no idea when it will be back.

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  1. That’s unfortunate news indeed. Is there any plan to pick up new series to fill Ryusousha’s place in the meantime or make current series fill Ryusousha’s place?

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