Ryusousha – 78


“But, uh, maybe another day?”


“Oh, yes. Thank you!”

Her face lit up. She was very expressive.


“Yes. I will send you a letter when I can. Would that be alright?”

“Certainly. I shall be waiting.”


“Now, I must regretfully ask you to refrain from coming here again. I really don’t want to cause any trouble.”


“Of course. But, how very disappointing. I was looking forward to enjoying some bread from back home.”


Now that I thought about it, ‘Fluffy Bouloire’ made Gigoku-style bread.

Ryukoku bread tended to be dense and heavy.

The people of Gikoku did not care for it at all.


Ryukoku people were used to it though. They even preferred the chewier texture.

It was especially popular with those whose work was physically hard.

As for me, my family’s bakery made Gikoku-style bread, so I was used to light and softer texture.


“Well, I usually don’t show my face out here. If you could just be careful during school break, then I don’t really mind.”

She wouldn’t come here so early once the lessons started.


“I see. Then I will try to stay away during break. Besides, I will be returning home soon.”


I see. Today was the second day.

People would start returning to their homes around now. 


“Alright. Well, I’ll send you a letter when I can.”

“I will look forward to it.”

She looked very pleased as she left.


In the evening, I sent out a letter to Miss Anne as soon as I returned to the dormitory.


Her reply came the next morning. She was fast.

…But not only that, Miss Siluru brought a bouquet of flowers.


It was from Linda. My childhood friend.

“What did you do this time? She was so angry.”


Was this about the letter to Miss Anne?

They weren’t even in the same year. Information sure traveled fast.


“…How did she find out…”


And so I was forced to start writing a letter to Linda as well. Matters would only get worse if I waited.

If my handwriting looked a little shaky, it could not be helped.

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  1. Ahaha Linda so possesive even if she doesnt own Leon.
    And Anna–new harem member? I don’t have complaints.
    I hope it becomes more chaotic for Leon being wooed by these lionesses. 😉

    Thanks for the chapter~ ♡♡♡

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