Ryusousha – 56


Only the night guards stayed, as the other Left Hands exited the room.

Many of them breathed a sigh of relief.



“Your Majesty!”


The queen called out to him from her room.

The answer was clear.


“Put him in it as well.”



It took a while for his ‘Yes, Your Majesty’ to reach her ears.


“I think he’ll rise in society very quickly…and so it should be done.”

“Certainly. As you wish, Your Majesty.”


After those words, he could tell by her breathing, that she had fallen asleep.




Only those with permission were allowed onto the Dragon Academy property.

Even supplies were first sent to the Royal Academy.


That’s how tight the security was. And there were very few people who didn’t have the Dragon Mark that were allowed to enter.


And it was one of these rare people, the blacksmith, Anis Quinto, that was lying prostrate.


As there was to be an expedition soon, she had visited the academy in order to repair the armor of the Dragon Masters. However, someone had suddenly appeared behind her and stuck a knife to her back.


As Anis boasted impressive ability in martial arts, being pushed to the ground so easily was most surprising indeed.

However, the words she heard immediately after were even more surprising.


“Didn’t I tell you that I would have no mercy if you ever showed your face to me again?”


As he was behind her, she could only hear his voice.

However, she could feel that her legs were shaking.


It was because it was just his voice, that the events returned so clearly to her mind.

But why was he here? The question came to her. But fear was stronger.


As soon as the knife came away, Anis instinctively dropped to the ground and put her head to the floor.

Anis was also Her Majesty’s Right Hand, and had the alias, ‘Foul Eater.’


She knew that she was better than most Shadows her own age.

However, that was all meaningless against this opponent.


She had wished to never see him again. And yet here they were.

Anis cursed her bad luck.


On the other hand, the dagger-wielding Leon, seemed a little confused over this event.

He had seen Foul Eater’s face among the craftsmen who were visiting, and decided to play a little trick on her when they were alone.


After all, Leon had already forgiven Foul Eater.

He had sworn in front of Her Majesty, and he wasn’t going to go against that.


As far as he was concerned, he had taken back the promise to kill her at their next meeting.

But it seemed that his little prank had been a little too effective.


“Well, what happens now…”


Leon sighed as he saw Foul Eater bowing without moving a muscle.

Foul Eater felt sweat run down her back as she waited for his next words.

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  1. There are several ways this could go…well we at least know that MC isn’t an incongnito kind of protagonist, so we can rulenout those possibilities….but i could still see him removing one of her limbs

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